There are currently hoax reports saying Facebook will be shut down for a week, but it is simply not true.  The website who started publishing this is National Report. They are a fake news reporting site.

National Report is saying that the CEO of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg has announce the closure of Facebook for the full week beginning January 1st 2015.  This is absolute crap.  There was a similar hoax back in November 2014 that stated that Facebook would be closing down for maintenance.

Here are the facts.

As of September 2014 Facebook is now worth over 200 billion dollars.  Tell me why would a company worth this amount of money just go “Hey we are shutting down for a week for maintenance, see you all soon” meanwhile Myspace “put in there for comedy purposes” claws the market back.  Now there are 2 certain facts.  1 that Facebook would never close for a week and 2 that Myspace will never make a decent comeback.  Sorry Tom!!

Unfortunately for Facebook being one of the most successful websites on the net and the most successful social media site it will often find itself under attack by these morons who benefit by people clicking on their website and making them money through advertising.  There is always an underlying factor.

National Report also once said that Facebook was going to start charging $2.99 for each user to access Facebook which would never happen as Facebook knows what it makes through advertising revenue would outway the possibility of charging each user $2.99 to access Facebook, let’s face it some genius would come up with something free that would take away from the Facebook world.

Let’s not forget the Audi A8 Facebook scam that was circulating.  The page is a like-farming scam designed to trick you into liking, sharing and further promoting the bogus material by commenting.

So never fear Facebook is not shutting down for a week starting January 1st 2015 and won’t be shutting down unless the day comes where it closes completely.