Dean Shainins EzineArticle Manifesto equals some very impressive information.  While most of you know that I hardly ever will write reviews unless something really grabs my attention well people this one did.  Not only that but I have actually used these techniques with my own articles and have seen some very good results since implementing them.

Now to start off Dean tells you a little of how he got 965,270 views to his articles which made him around the $150,000 mark online. Dean Shainin describes himself as an Article Marketing Wiz and after reading this, well lets just say I wont be arguing with him on that one.  Impressive stuff.

  • Dean shows us how to dominate EzineArticles.  How to grab that Most Viewed Position and turn it into a Top 10 on Google as well.
  • He shows us all about Hypnotic marketing and capturing the readers attention which increases views.
  • Not only that but he shows us how to increase our CTR rate by up to 50%, now I don’t have many articles where I have up to 50% but I recently wrote one for Roulette following Dean Shainins EzineArticle strategy and it is hovering around 54% CTR from roughly 220 article views so far.

Dean also shows us how to grab up to 500% more search engine traffic to our EzineArticles.

There is a whole lot more within this Ebook I could tell you about but I really don’t want to give too much away.  Dean Shainin has spent a fair bit of time over on Warrior Forum and went from being absolutely flat broke, unemployed and $22,000 in debt to earning over $150,000 online with these methods so that should show you the overall power of it.

Summing this Review up I give Dean Shainins EzineArticle Manifesto Ebook a 5/5 for originality, great no fluff content, and it works!!!

Best of all you don’t have to write a heap of articles,  it is about getting maximum views from each article.

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