If you are a newbie to either Clickbank or Affiliate Marketing then you really need to read this.  There are a lot of affiliate marketers who never make a single cent with Clickbank and it can be very hard to pick good products to market through the marketplace unless you know what you are looking for.

It is true to also say that there are a lot of dodgy products available through Clickbank that can also see you get that first sale to have it refunded a couple of days later, this can also occur because there are people out there known as ‘serial refunders’.  These are customers who never have any intention of paying for the product itself but still want access to the product.  I find that in the ‘Making Money Online’ niche that this is very common.

Finding a Niche:

This is another difficult issue.  What do you choose as a niche and where do you look for your customers?  Organic search results is the best way to get your customers buying from you but this takes a bit of time and effort to get into Googles Page One results for certain keywords especially if you are targeting some of the more popular Clickbank Products and actually going after action keywords such as Forex Software Buy Fapturbo Now, which by the way is so flooded in the Clickbank Marketplace that it would take some serious time and money to get onto that first page of Google.

Targeting the Smaller Search Engines for Affiliate Marketing

You can ignore Google altogether and target the smaller search engines and come away with good results, sure you aren’t going to get the traffic you would from Google but if you are targeting BUY NOW keywords in the smaller search engines you can still make sales.

Installing Analytics to see what your customers are searching for

I personally like to use a combination of Google Analytics for this and Gostats.com. I find that GoStats provides me with longtail keywords that I can focus my SEO on more.  Some of these longtail keywords can bring in a fair bit of traffic.  Sure they aren’t all BUY NOW keywords but they are keywords that I focus on where I feel the customer is not that far away from buying.

In summing up if you are looking at getting into Clickbank Marketing then you really should read the FREE EBOOK Harvey Segals ‘The Ultimate Supertip’. This affiliate marketer is an absolute genius when it comes to affiliate marketing with Clickbank.