You have no doubt seen the masses of Online Income Money Stream systems being offered by so called wannabe Internet Marketers right now.  These are the systems showing you some guy standing next to a Ferrari F430 or perhaps a Lamborghini Gallardo or even that mansion in Sunset Beach.  We all want that dream of being able to quit our jobs and work from home for ourselves and these websites prey on people like that to sell their $97 , $197, sometimes even $997 quick fix products to.

< I am going to show you how for free you can start up your own website selling online products from the Clickbank Marketplace.  I do recommend paying for hosting with a reputable company such as Hostgator and maybe a domain with either NameCheap or GoDaddy for this method, mainly because if you choose a free route and rely on Web 2.0 properties you might find your hard work being deleted as many of the big names such as Squidoo and Hubpages absolutely hate us affiliates.  They feel that they are the only people who should be making money on the internet and so they try and destroy us.  When we set up our own hosting and domain name they cannot get rid of us and we become a player as well in the affiliate / internet marketing market.

Step #1 : Sign up with Hostgator and NameCheap.

Step #2: Sign up for an account with EzineArticles.  I will explain this step a little further into this Income System for Clickbank.

Step #3: Get my free Clickbank Ultimate Supertip Ebook here.

Step #4: Get a Twitter and Facebook account (don’t use your personal accounts for either of these) you need a separate one for your online business.

Step #5: Sign up for a Youtube account (again you need to have a separate one for your online business and promoting your Clickbank Products)
Ok so with Step 2 I told you to get your own EzineArticles account.  The reason for this is that you need to write 5 to 10 articles on the product you wish to promote.  There is so many different products to promote over at Clickbank.  I suggest just going through the Clickbank Marketplace and choosing products that generally interest you.  There is anything from Home / Gardening, to betting on lotto systems, to Solar Energy etc.  I suggest when first getting into this make money method that you stay away from the Fitness and Make Money niches as these are so flooded with competition right now and you really want to get your website ranking well within the search engines.

Now if you signed up with Hostgator and went the domain name route you will need to create a website.  Now this might sound very difficult but it really isn’t, with the introduction of WordPress in recent years it is now very easy to put together a fully functional website in a matter of minutes.  Check out the video below for more on that topic.

How to Host Your WordPress Blog Using Hostgator Quick training video to show everyone how to host their WordPress blog using their own host. I recommend using HostGator (link: ).

Now that you have the website underway I now want to show you another way to bring in money while you are waiting for your Clickbank checks to arrive.  As you may or may not be aware Clickbank requires all members to have sales submitted through at least 2 different payment options in order to get a payout, this is to stop people from being able to fraudulanty being able to claim through Clickbank and then submit refunds while keeping the affiliate commissions.  A great way to bring in money while waiting for your Clickbank payments to start arriving is to sign up for a Paypal account or AlertPay account, either is fine and start selling the Ultimate Supertip by Harvey Segal which people can sign up and benefit from giving you instant $10 and $37 payments depending on which membership they wish to sign up for.  You can view more on this here.

You also need to sign up to Twitter and Facebook as this is where you are going to help promote your new website and get people buying your Clickbank Products whether you are selling a product like Ken Silvers Silver Lotto System or maybe the Running your Car on water niche which is pretty hot at the moment you are going to want to promote it through social media.  Once you have signed up for Twitter go and do a search for keywords to do with your niche and start following the people that are talking about that niche or products in that niche.  You then need to use WordPress to post a new entry on your website surrounding that product and provide your Clickbank Link so that you can get paid for it.  See the Clickbank Linking Video here.

Making Money With Clickbank

My thoughts on the ClickBank affiliate program. See my top money makers:

See my Clickbank Earnings

Learn how to build a website

Start your website here and get free domain forwarding and access to free videos for how to setup your website.

I also recommend promoting Clickbank products through Youtube, but for this method you may not be comfortable promoting the product yourself on video so here is what you can do. is a website that provides services that people are willing to do for $5, you can actually pay people over there to make you a 30 second video for $5.  Here is a link to one of those sellers below

I will create a short promotional video for your business/website for $5

You can also buy things like views to your Youtube videos after you have uploaded them which will help you get to the top of the Youtube Video Search and will provide you with even more video views to your Youtube channel and videos.  Here is a link below to get over 10,000 views to your Youtube video.

I will give you 15,000 views on your youtube video for $5

The views above come as 200 real youtube views per day over 30 days so it will appear that your Youtube video is slowly becoming popular and as more people see it more people will visit it and start that youtube viral effect that you want to achieve and start getting more and more Clickbank sales.