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Most of the people interested in affiliate programs already know about clickbank. They also know that they have a huge list of vendors from different categories that are waiting for affiliates like yourself to promote their products. In this article, we’ll try and discuss what products you should choose to promote, and more importantly, why?

First I’ll try to explain the term “gravity” which clickbank uses to display the popularity of a product. What gravity is essentially calculated by, is the number of affiliates with successfull sales during the last week. Of course that’s not basically all there is to it, but this is the most important factor wich the formula is based upon.

A product with a gravity of less than 100 can mean one of two things:

– The product is hard to sell, so few people are trying to sell it at the moment;

– The product is fairly new and there aren’t many affiliates who know about it and promote it.

What this basically means for you, is that if you invest your time and resources into this product, you have 50% chances for each of the cases above. If the product turns out to be a hard-seller, that would mean no profit for you, if the product turns out to be selling at a higher than average rate, then you’ve struck gold.

An easy and safe method to find out if a product is new and will eventually be selling at an alarming pace, is to watch the products performance during about 2 weeks or so. If you see a significant growth on that products gravity, then you promote it.

A faster and safer way to choose which products to promote would be to actually pick a product whose gravity is in the range of about 100-500. Not more than 500 because that means that despite the fact that the product sells great, there are also a lot of people selling it, which will eventually lead to a saturated market for that product, in which only very few of the affiliates make any sales. So something within that range would be ideal also because a product with like 150 gravity, will become someting of 500+ during the next week, and as you were promoting it for a week now, you have a head-start miles away from the other affiliates who just joined the competition.

Another reason for not choosing products with a grav more than 500 is that the big time affiliates would also market the products. They have greater budgets and will out-market you easilly resulting in you wasting time, effort and eventually money for something with no or low return of investment.

A worthy question to ask yourself when picking the product, should also be “What do I know about the field that this product is in?”. If the answer to this is “nothing”, then you’ll have to blindly promote the product, based on articles or reviews you find on the internet, from people who maybe bought the product and reviewed it.

To sum all this up, don’t look for “hot” products to promote, but also don’t go for the bottom half. Try and find a product you actually know about so you can market the idea on article websites and social web 2.0 sites. To sell an idea, you have to believe in it, so that others can believe in you as well.

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