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Bitcoin Miracle Guide PDF
Bitcoin Miracle Guide PDF

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has slapped the pessimists concerned that its super-sized interest rate rises will crush the housing market and the economy. The negative media agenda has even gone as far as to say that there will be a 40% rise in household repayments (monthly) as well as a $650 per month premium for mortgage holders within the next 18 months (2023)! But, why does the Anthony Albanese (Labor) government ‘believe’ the RBA has ‘made mistakes’ and is failing Australians in their property market dream? In her first speech as deputy governor on Tuesday, Michele Bullock delivered a crucial RBA analysis to argue household balance sheets can handle a potential 3 percentage point increase in the cash rate (since May) by mid-2023 in line with money market pricing. Cynics say the RBA needs to justify why households can afford significantly higher than expected rates. After it misled borrowers as recently as last year, the cash rate was unlikely to rise until 2024. In this video, we’ll break down Michele Bullock statement and answer the following questions: ? Are interest rates still below where they need to be? ? Who is right? The RBA or doomsayers? ✅ Are the RBA correct to predict another 1.5% interest rate hike? ? What are the major Australian banks saying? ? Where will the cash rate be by 2023? ? What can mortgage holders expect in 2022? ? Will your home loan increase by 40% this year? ? What are the key statistics driving the cash rate? ? What measures do the RBA use to calculate the interest rate and inflation? ?? What can we learn from the United States? ? How do I use a Home Loan Extra Repayment Calculator ?️ Why the RBA review will be a waste of time ? Why should mortgage holders brace for short-term pain? ? What are the RBA doing to tackle inflation? ? Why should the RBA review examine their own recent run of mistakes? ?️ Why does the Albanese government believe RBA have made mistakes? ? How high could interest rates go in 2022? ? Why should we never listen to the mainstream media? ✋ Why you should BEWARE in 2022? ?️ Where will property prices be in 12 months’ time? ? Is NOW a good time to buy a home? ? Should current homeowners be worried? ? How does the Reserve Bank Of Australia’s cash rate affect property prices? ?️ Will property prices increase in 2022? ? What’s better? A fixed or variable home loan. ? Will the Reserve Bank of Australia lift the cash rate again in August? ? Why Your Mortgage Could Be Costing You! ✋ Should I fix my home loan in 2022? ? Is now a good time to look at variable rates? ?️ Why you need to speak to a mortgage broker? ✋ How cautious should you be in 2022 with your mortgage? ✅ When should you use a mortgage broker ? What your mortgage broker can do for you? ?Should you refinance in 2022? ? What can first home buyers do to get ahead of the market? ? Is NOW a good time to buy a home? ? Should current homeowners be worried? ?️ What next for the Australian property market? ↕️ What does a 7% inflation rate mean? ? What should property investors do in 2022? If you want free expert advice on what the recent rate rises could mean for you, chat to one of our Home Loan Specialists at a time that suits you ➡️… Here’s what we learned in this video: 00:00 RBA slaps down the property doomsayers! 00:15 Albanese government ‘believes’ RBA has ‘made mistakes.’ 01:20 Reserve Bank of Australia failing due to surprising problem 02:45 Where will the RBA Cash Rate be by 2023? 03:30 40% rise in repayments? Mortgage example. 04:30 Why you shouldn’t listen to the doomsayers! 06:00 Inflation, Income and the Future of Money 07:25 What you need to know about the Australian property market? 08:20 The ‘Golden Goose’ of Australian property! 10:00 A $650 Repayment monthly increase? 11:00 Mortgage holders should brace for short-term pain. For more info, visit us here ?… Or book an appointment with Jayden ?… T: 1300 088 065 E:… #breakingnews #reservebank #reserve_bank #realestatemarket #mortgage #raterise #huntergalloway #property #propertyaustralia #news #advice #housingmarket #australianrealestate #realestate #homeloans #property #propertyaustralia #housingmarketcrash #australianrealestate #homeloans #australianrealestate #housingmarket #homeloans #QLD #SYD #NSW #VIC #MELB #PERTH #ADE #house #home #mortgagebroker #mortgageadvice #mortgagerates #johnadams #Goldasgold #australianrealestate #housingmarket #homeloans #realestate #property #realestatemarket #mortgage #raterise #reserve #huntergalloway #property #propertyaustralia #news #advice #housingmarket #australianrealestate #realestate #homeloans DISCLAIMER: Full Disclaimer here –…

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Martin Shkreli has resigned from his CEO position at Turing Pharmaceuticals after his securities fraud arrest today.

It is believed to have surfaced over his time as a manager of hedge fund MSMB Capital Management and CEO of biopharmaceutical company Retrophin Inc.

Shkreli: Product of Capitalism or Red Tape?

Martin Shkreli made headlines earlier this year after he planned to hike the price of a 62 year old treatment called Daraprim which is used to treat parasitic infection including AIDS. He had planned to take the $13 tablet and sell for $750 US per tablet which was a 5000% increase.

He has become known recently as the “most hated man in America” and recently purchased the only one of a kind Wu-Tang Clan album – One upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million.

Will Wu-Tang Clans – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album become public now that Martin Shkreli has been arrested?

If he is found guilty then surely there will be asset forfeiture which could see the album make it into the public given that this could possibly raise more than $2 million.

FBI New York have said on Twitter under handler @NewYorkFBI “#Breaking no seizure warrant at the arrest of Martin Shkreli today, which means we didn’t seize the Wu-Tang Clan album.

So while it is looking like they aren’t looking to seize assets at this time there is possibility that if Martin Shkreli is going to have to defend himself in court which looks like a major possibility then he may look to sell this album off to raise some cash fast.


Over $1 billion has been wiped off the value of Sirtex Medical shares after the companies clinical trial failed to show an improvement over for liver cancer therapy over the standard chemotherapy treatment.

The shares themselves had seen growth of 150 % in the last 12 months when it announced that it would begin trialling the new treatment.

As of Monday morning, their shares were trading at around $39 but as Tuesday approached they were seen as low as the $14 mark and recovered to above $17.30 around lunchtime. Around 2 o’clock they rose again to around $18.70 and then dropped again on closing at 4pm to $17.53.

This comes after last month UBS analyst Andrew Goodsall and Wilson HTM analyst Shane Storey upgraded investment recommendations to “buy” and gave 12 month target prices of around $50.00 for the stock.

Oncosil shares also dropped by 27.5% over the course of the day which is another company developing similar technology.

Stocks Market Movers

Karoon Gas Australia Limited (KAR) had a great day though rising over 14% to $2.60

Sirtex Medical was the worst performing on the ASX200 which was down 55% on closing at $17.53