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Eddie Jacobs has opened up a new tipping service called the One Pound Method

Places are going to be limited for this new horse racing tipping service and for that reason I think it is worth taking a look at considering that it is also part of Clickbanks 60 day refund return policy.

Edward Jacobs is a Master Accountant who has used his knowledge around numbers to gain a consistent profit when it comes to horse racing. Edward will give you his horse racing selections each day and you simply head over to your Ladbrokes or bookmaker betting account and put the bets on.

Using the One Pound Method you are able to provide yourself with a tax free income of £2,000 per week when the system gets into full swing.

Edward Jacobs has been using the One Pound Method for over 20 years and has made a lot of money from horse racing in that time. If you are looking for a single win horse method of play and want make money on horse racing then you need to read his interview.

You can read more of what Edward has to say in his One Pound Method interview here.

One Pound Method Review
One Pound Method

Crypto Signal Club

The Bitcoin Miracle PDF Ebook explains how Bitcoin can make you a lot of money in 2017! Let’s go back to the beginning. In 2009 the electronic cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin (BTC) was created and had been developed 2 years earlier by Satoshi Nakamoto.

DOWNLOAD the Bitcoin Miracle PDF here

What is the Bitcoin Miracle PDF?

The Bitcoin Miracle PDF Ebook shows you a completely different method to earning money with Bitcoins. In fact there is no reason why this couldn’t be adapted across the whole cryptocurrency range including Ethereum (ETH) which has been rumoured to be the next Bitcoin and also rumoured that it could overtake Bitcoin sometime in 2018.

Bitcoin Miracle Guide PDF

Bitcoin Miracle Guide PDF

Early predictions say that the price of Bitcoin could surge towards $6,000 US by the start of 2018 and that Ethereum could surge towards $1,500US by the start of 2018. Given that Ethereum is currently about $230 based on Coinbase prices this is where a lot of money could actually be made for your return on investment.

Prices on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general are based on supply and demand. For instance Bitcoin is going to be limited to 21 million coins. Because of this once all the bitcoins are finally released we could see a huge surge in the price as people become more and more desperate to own a part of history.

The Bitcoin Miracle Guide is a must if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and will show you how because cryptocurrency is not actually backed by something it all comes down to supply and demand. With more and more businesses opening up to the idea of Bitcoin and investing in it themselves I think we could see some pretty decent spikes in the price over the next 12 months.

Bitcoin could also be looked at an alternative to struggling local currencies which could push the price higher.

Before you go and convert your hard earned money to Bitcoin though I suggest you read up more on what it actually is and how the system works. You will also need a digital bitcoin wallet to keep your cryptocurrency safe from hackers etc.

Purnatural Shop: How to create your own cosmetic shop empire. Julia Todtmann and Felix Saranealis from Vitamin Bar. The complete keurig 525c guide here

For more on the Bitcoin Miracle Guide click here.

Pete’s Betfair Methods Review

Pete’s Betfair Methods Review

Pete's Betfair Methods PDF

FAQ About the Peter Butler Betfair Methods Ebook PDF Download

Question: Does the Peter Butler 50 Per Day Betfair Method come with how to videos as well or just the PDF Ebook?

Answer: Pete provides you with videos showing how to place your bets and identify selections as well as the PDF Ebook. The videos are neatly organised and very easy to follow for a beginner to Betfair.

Pete's Trading Methods PDFDownload Pete’s Betfair Method PDF by clicking here

Question: Why is Pete’s ₤50 Per Day Betfair System in showing in GBP on the Clickbank MMFORUM payment screen when I am in Australia?

Answer: The reason for this is that the Clickbank Vendor, that is Peter Butler resides in the U.K. Simply select the right currency if it isn’t showing for you in the right hand corner of the Clickbank Payment Screen

Question: How much money can I make with the ₤50 Per Day System?

Answer: We can only base this on past results which indicate a clear ₤15,000 GBP in a year on modest betting with Betfair. This equates to an average weekly earning of ₤288. Using Pete’s Betfair Method and using a progressive staking plan in there on your bankroll you can turn this figure into a lot more. Again though, this is based on past results and although indicates what you can earn potentially in the future there is no guarantee on exact figures.

Betfair Method Testimonial

Question: How much experience does one need to use Pete’s Betfair Method?

Answer: Looking at the videos that Pete provides you with and the well set out PDF Ebook I can tell you that you don’t need anything more than just that. Everything is explained in detail that you are able to easily pick it up. Betfair is a complex betting site but because Peter Butler doesn’t fluff up his videos and Ebook with overhyped garbage you are just presented with the facts making it easy to set up your bets.

Download Pete’s Betfair Method by following the link here

Best Staking Plan for Even Money Bets

The best staking plan for an even money bet which you may encounter from time to time using Pete’s Betfair Methods is a 1 2 4 6 staking plan.  The 1 2 4 6 staking plan works by using what is known as an incremental staking plan.  You simply draw up a chart like the below and follow this method

1 2 4 6 staking plan

These can be used as staking plans for favourites as they can work on low dividends being paid and is a low risk high reward staking plan.  You can see from the above that with just 2 wins at 2/1 out of 4 bets and you are already in front $25 on your $100 bankroll.  This just compounds your winnings by using a staking plan instead of level stakes betting.  Because betting on favourites is considered a high strike rate but low odds strategy for winning you need to be able to return a profit.  When I say betting favourites is high strike rate I am talking about choosing your bets wisely and being able to return a strike rate of 35% or more.  With Pete’s Betfair Methods you should be able to improve even more with his strategy for picking more value runners but again be selective with your picking of favourites.

Another one to look at is Wentworth Park Greyhound Racing Systems for some handy tips on how to win money at the dog track.  Learn how to read a dog track program as well as handicapping tips to select winners at tracks such as Wentworth Park and Mandurah.  Even Laying Greyhounds for a Living at these tracks can be a good dog racing betting strategy when you know what to look out for.

Using staking plans isn’t just for Horse Racing, you can use it on strategies such as betting on Tennis Favourites or a system like the Tennis Cash System PDF and Soccer Betting Systems.  Using a staking plan like this on low risk football trading strategies can definitely improve your P.O.T.  To download a copy of Pete’s Betfair Methods click here

Maraylya House Prices – Orbital Road

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Making Money On Clickbank in 2017

Well we have come to the end of yet another year and it has definitely been a fast year for me but  eventful.  Making Money on Clickbank in 2017 will carry on pretty much the same way it has in 2016  except for a trend I have noticed starting to take place which is why I decided to write this post  today.

Want to Earn money like this online?How to Make Money with Clickbank in 2017

Learn how to Promote Clickbank Products without a website – Click above image

I have noticed over the course of 2016 and mostly the 2nd half of the year that quite a few vendors on  Clickbank especially ones using a Full Clickbank Profit System with quite new products have been reducing the overall sales percentage that  they pay their affiliates.  I am talking of offers in the Make Money Online Niche and Business  Investing Niche that I have taken on and started promoting when they were paying out 50% to the  affiliates only to look at my sales figures the following day and they are only paying out around 25%  and sometimes 30%.

The problem with the vendors of Clickbank doing this is that as an affiliate I put a lot of money into  Lead Capture Pages and PPC advertising whether with Google Adwords or Bing PPC and you finally get a  campaign on track that is profitable and the vendor without any warning goes and changes the average  sale amount per referral.

I think that in 2017, Clickbank really need to look at adopting a system where when you start promoting  a product that all your details are handed over to the vendor so that if they decide to change how much  they would like to pay out they can give you 7 days warning (just a number I put out there) could be  more or less that they are changing the rate they are going to pay out to the Clickbank Affiliates.

The thing for me that both Clickbank and the vendors of Clickbank have both seemed to forget is that  the affiliates have helped build this amazing network and given vendors a chance to sell valuable  products that they were skilled enough to come up with but lacked the marketing and promotion to get  these products out to their audiences on a mass scale.  Without Clickbank Affiliates both Clickbank and  vendors will fail long term especially big ticket items that have had $100’s of thousands of dollars  thrown at them between the software programmers and the Copywriting, the professional videos, hosting,  the list goes on.  With the ever competitive market of affiliate programs out there like PayDotCom and JVZOO and the pretty much instant Paypal payments there are more places than ever for affiliates to go to.

Harvey Segal has a great guide on Clickbank and you should definitely download it for FREE here.  You can even sign up to receive $37 Paypal payments everytime your refer someone that takes part in this part of the ebook.  Don’t believe me? Below is proof of me getting $37 payments directly to my paypal account. The Clickbank Make Money PDF below

ref25 special link two price option Ultimate Supertip

Made $37USD Paypal Payment Proof from Ultimate Supertip ref25


Serial Refunders on Clickbank

Now this one is becoming quite a problem.  Serial Refunders are across any network and it is part of  doing business but the thing is that serial refunders now know how easy it is to get a refund and that  they are pretty much 99% guaranteed to get that refund off Clickbank.

When I talk about serial refunders I am talking about people that buy multiple products across the  Clickbank range, don’t even try them out and a couple days later demand a refund for the multiple  products. Now as a Clickbank Affiliate I personally only ever promote Clickbank Products that I find  hold a lot of value to my subscribers and traffic.  You can not build a brand based on pushing crappy  products to people and expect to stay in business very long.

I had another interesting case with what I would call a serial refunder where they waited the whole 60  days that Clickbank would of given them a refund and instead what I believe they did was then do a  chargeback on their credit card.  Unfortunately Clickbank won’t hand over those details to an affiliate  but I did a little research of my own by looking at the Country Code and State that the refund occurred  and when I did a little digging I remembered this product was promoted as an upsell to a Paypal product  that I sell personally.  And what do you think I found there? This same person who had bought my  product on the same day had issued a chargeback to my Paypal account which I got charged a $20 fee on.   So not only did I lose the initial sale but now I was also $20 out of pocket.

I decided to do a little more digging on this through my Data Analytics software and found the IP  Address.  I typed that IP address into Google and one of the first things that I found in the search  results was a I.P address banned from Home Business Marketing Products, I clicked and had a look and  sure enough same I.P address, same customer name as who had bought through my Paypal Product.  I won’t  name and shame here but I will just say it was from Texas and even the suburb matched up.  There was no  mistake about it, this person was a known serial refunder.  To make matters worse the Paypal email  address she had used was her mothers.  I discovered this after typing in the details into Facebook and  it came up with her mother and her daughter (the one who had actually purchased the product from me)  was listed as a daughter and friend. So she has obviously been banned from using her own account and  has just opened a new one up and linked it to her mothers email address and banking details.

What can be done about Serial Refunders on Clickbank?

Well there isn’t a lot that can be done.  Clickbank have in the defence done as much as they can do  from a legal perspective.  Everyone argues that Clickbank shouldn’t favour the customer and let them  have this 60 day window to refund and even beyond but without it the customer would simply buy it  through either Paypal or the bank credit card and do a chargeback at a later date saying they never  purchased the said product.

Below is a video showing exactly how to get a refund on Clickbank Products by Tom Buck

There is one thing I am finding it hard to understand though is with Clickbank now showing some  products Refund Expiration date as Non-Refundable and yet I still have a refund on one of those  products.  I understand refunds are all part of doing business but this is kind of confusing especially  people new to the Clickbank affiliate program to have it list the refund expiration date and non- refundable and then issue a refund.

Overall though I would say that my experience with Clickbank has been a fairly positive one in 2016 and  I am sure that will continue over into 2017. If we can just work on the main vendor problem where they  can change the sales % without consulting affiliates I think we can make a better program for boths  vendors and affiliates.

10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches Review

Product Name: 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches

Publisher and Email Address: Mike Balmaceda – email:

What is the 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches about?

10 Days To Rapid Kindle Riches from Mike Balmaceda is a course that will teach how to publish an ebook through Kindle in just 10 days.

Is this anything to do with blackhat?
No this course is not blackhat in any way and is a completely legit course that will show you from the first step through to publishing how to publish your first Kindle Ebook.

This was a WSO of the Day on April 4th 2014 so the course has been around for a while and has plenty of satisfied customers.

Nic Oliver – 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches Review

What is Kindle?
Kindle is a series of E-readers that were developed by Amazon.  These e-readers give their users the ability to search through the whole Kindle library and purchase books to read on their e-readers which might interest them.

What do I get as part of my 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches training course?

You will get a very detailed video training course as well as a 53 page PDF manual that you can print out and use as reference.

Right now the only place you can purchase the training course is through the Warrior Forum (No 1 Internet Marketing Forum).

Link to the 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches Training Course is below:

What is the price for the training course?
$24.00 which is a one off fee.


I will give a 30 day money back guarantee to signups this month ONLY. The money back guarantee is for 30 days only, after 30 days don’t bug me.

OK… now that’s over you can go here and see the top 25 jobs for 2015

Depending on your personal situation these jobs could be a good thing for you to go after. Personally, I took another path and it turned out great for me. If for some reason you can’t go after one of these careers maybe you should look into making money online.

There are TONS of different opportunities to make money online but there are tons of scams and
false paths too. You need to get an education in how to do it and then you need to test, test, test… and then never give up!!! Yes, I had my hard times at making money online but I didn’t give up and now it has paid off big time for me.

Look, everyone is different and I don’t know what path is right for you but it’s great to know you have options right? So, don’t give up on your dreams, who knows maybe you can make huge money… again I don’t know YOU but if someone told me (back in the day) I would be making this kind of money from home (or anywhere with a laptop) I would have thought they were insane.

I’m just saying it can be done and if I can do it why couldn’t YOU do it?

Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life,

Dr. Robert Anthony Acknowledged Inspiration Behind ‘the Secret’ Takes Deliberate Creation And The Law Of Attraction To The Next Level!

Download The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Dr Robert Anthony

Download the Secrets of Deliberate Creation

The Secrets of Deliberate Creation
By []Steve Cruize

World renowned self-improvement authority Dr. Robert Anthony has developed a personal development audio program that he calls “The Secret of Deliberate Creation.” The program was designed to help those struggling to achieve their goals find a way to eliminate self-sabotage and internal barriers to success. Dr. Anthony calls his program “A no-nonsense way to get the results you want.” Its premises are drawn from a mixture of both spiritual and scientific principles.

In The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Anthony asserts that every human being on the planet is a creator and that each one of us is creating all of the time. He contends that a person’s individual experience of reality is always in harmony with his own habitual thoughts and beliefs. Anthony says that this process of creating one’s own reality is ongoing and consistent, whether the end results help or harm the individual.

Dr. Anthony says that what shows up in our lives does so in accordance with several universal laws. These laws, he states, are constant and unbiased. High among these is the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that people, places and things of a similar molecular vibration are drawn to one another. Anthony claims that things and circumstances merely exist as particles of possibility before they are brought into form by thought and emotion. By choosing our thoughts we activate our ability utilize the law of attraction.

Dr. Anthony contends that giving to others is a largely overlooked way of getting what you want. In his opinion, based on years of personal research, the universe will return to a person whatever he or she sends out to others. Dr. Anthony also says that holding on to negative emotions actually invites the things that you don’t want into your life. This is because the law of attraction does not care whether the things that you manifest are good for you or not. Just like the law of gravity, it will always work, even if you don’t understand the mechanics behind it. If a baby crawls off the ledge of a building, she will fall, even though she does not comprehend the concept of gravity. In the same way, the law of attraction works without personal opinion or bias.

In The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Anthony gives you the tools to live a life of abundance and personal fulfillment. He debunks the common misconception that life is a series of chance happenings, unaffected by personal choice. Anthony asserts that “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

To find out more about the Secrets of Deliberate Creation please visit my website

Article Source: [] The Secrets of Deliberate Creation

Download the Secrets of Deliberate Creation

What can I say? I joined GVO at the time of the relaunch under Brian Bear.  The reason I joined GVO was that Brian Bear hosted a Webinar which was available to all his previous GDI Downline members at the time of the relaunch of GVO.  Brian made out like he was so very excited to be part of this new venture (GVO) and how he could make us all a lot of money in the process if we signed up with him.

Now at the time I thought well as an Internet Marketer myself previously being part of GDI (which I have found to be a great company and have had a lot of success with) that I would give this a go and if he kicked me off with a few downline members then all well and good I would be on my way to at least breaking even with the costs involved in being part of GVO to start with.  Well lets just say that over 1 month later I have had absolutely no contact with Brian ( I have emailed him on numerous occasions) and he has provided me with absolutely no signups.

You may be thinking to yourself at this stage, but Ben he shouldn’t have to provide you with signups, you should be looking for them yourself.  Well that may be true, but Brian Bear made out in the webinar before the relaunch of GVO that as part of signing up with him as part of the relaunch that we would be making history and there would be 100’s even 1000’s of people joining in the coming days and he would be placing them all into our downlines so we could all start earning. This NEVER HAPPENED!

Looks to me that the only person who has gotten anything out of GVO is in fact Brian Bear and the reason he wanted a flood of signups is to win the weekly competitions which made him even more cash!

I have actually been investigating Brian Bear for some time and have come to the conclusion that he is part of some quite shady operations in that he uses a lot of hacked / cracked software and shares it with his downline (after he has already cashed in on it of course).  He is a member of Black Hat World (well he was, I believe he is currently banned) and I have also discovered that he was sending massive amounts of paid traffic to his website with Google Adsense advertised on them.  If you remember back a year or so ago he was always talking about how much money he was making with Adsense.  Well guess what??? Google Adsense shut him down for sending fake / bot traffic to his website, yes I even read his post on it from  Black Hat World.

As an Internet Marketer I find his methods absolutely appalling in that he keeps massive mailing lists of people and pretends to help them make money online when the only thing he is doing is giving them false hope and making himself richer.  He might have been a good guy back when he first started in GDI but now it seems to me the money has gone to his head and now he doesn’t care about the people at all!

Be sure to Like this Article and Post it to Facebook and Twitter to warn other people so that they don’t fall into the same trap that you and I both have!

Chronic Commissions Bonus Review – Is it a Scam?

Chronic Commissions Review

Get your Clickbank Software here


Chronic Commissions – My Review and Bonus.

The bonus for the Chronic Commissions purchase can be found here: A complete Clickbank guide to Hubpages

Chronic Commissions is created by Chill Valko, Corey Lewis and Caleb Abrams

Download your copy of Chronic Commissions Today – Click here

Basically when I looked in Chronic Commissions I discovered that their system is quite different to a lot of other affiliate marketing products I had looked at before in that they were a lot more focussed on going after the recurring commissions products that Clickbank and Commission Junction and the likes have to offer.  By recurring commission I mean a sale where a customer signs up for a service/product and then agrees to pay a fee each and every month to stay a member.  Every time they pay that fee you also get a commission.  This is great in that you don’t have to continually go looking for new customers, you have the chance to have that customer stay with you for life.

Now imagine if you kept working at that each and every month and aimed to get 20 new members per month and they were all paying $47 to be a member and you are getting 75% of that as a commission, which is very common with Clickbank.  In your first month you would earn just over $700, by the end of your second month you are now earning over $1,400 and by the end of the third month you are over $2,000.  It doesn’t stop there though imagine projecting forward to say a year from now and looking at your recurring commissions with Clickbank.  You could have an income of over $8,400 coming in each and every month just by recruiting 20 members per month and you are going to keep earning these commissions while ever the customer stays a member, sometimes for years and years depending on the quality of the product.

So what will you need to use Chronic Commissions?

Basically you will need a Clickbank account so that you can use your Clickbank ID to track and make sales.  I also recommend hosting and a domain and also an Aweber account which is optional.

What market is Chronic Commissions aimed at and is it going to make me money?

Chronic Commissions is aimed at complete newbie internet marketers as well as experienced internet marketers and provides a step by step guide through every part of the training and strategy.  Experienced internet marketers should also not skip the first few steps as there are some helpful strategies that even a lot of experienced internet marketers may have overlooked or never heard of before.

I give Chronic Commissions a score of 9.5 /10 and I feel that anyone who follows their strategies and puts in the time and effort can definately make some serious money with this.

Download your Copy of Chronic Commissions Today

Is Yahoo! Music the Next Amazon of Online Internet Radio?

officially rebranded itself as simply Y! Music in 2005, providing both subscription and free listening options. The free internet radio music site sharply differs from its major competitor Pandora in the amount of music related information and options it provides.. Read Full Story here.

$96,000 in just 12 months with these Sports Picks.


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