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Here is a list of Internet Marketing resources for Global Domains International ( GDI )

I have provided this list as well as the Information Pack on how to get traffic and leads for your GDI income system as a lot of people don’t really know where to start when it comes to marketing this amazing income opportunity.

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Fiverr: for all of your SEO and Video Marketing needs.

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Dr. Robert Anthony Acknowledged Inspiration Behind ‘the Secret’ Takes Deliberate Creation And The Law Of Attraction To The Next Level!

Download The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Dr Robert Anthony

Download the Secrets of Deliberate Creation

The Secrets of Deliberate Creation
By []Steve Cruize

World renowned self-improvement authority Dr. Robert Anthony has developed a personal development audio program that he calls “The Secret of Deliberate Creation.” The program was designed to help those struggling to achieve their goals find a way to eliminate self-sabotage and internal barriers to success. Dr. Anthony calls his program “A no-nonsense way to get the results you want.” Its premises are drawn from a mixture of both spiritual and scientific principles.

In The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Anthony asserts that every human being on the planet is a creator and that each one of us is creating all of the time. He contends that a person’s individual experience of reality is always in harmony with his own habitual thoughts and beliefs. Anthony says that this process of creating one’s own reality is ongoing and consistent, whether the end results help or harm the individual.

Dr. Anthony says that what shows up in our lives does so in accordance with several universal laws. These laws, he states, are constant and unbiased. High among these is the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that people, places and things of a similar molecular vibration are drawn to one another. Anthony claims that things and circumstances merely exist as particles of possibility before they are brought into form by thought and emotion. By choosing our thoughts we activate our ability utilize the law of attraction.

Dr. Anthony contends that giving to others is a largely overlooked way of getting what you want. In his opinion, based on years of personal research, the universe will return to a person whatever he or she sends out to others. Dr. Anthony also says that holding on to negative emotions actually invites the things that you don’t want into your life. This is because the law of attraction does not care whether the things that you manifest are good for you or not. Just like the law of gravity, it will always work, even if you don’t understand the mechanics behind it. If a baby crawls off the ledge of a building, she will fall, even though she does not comprehend the concept of gravity. In the same way, the law of attraction works without personal opinion or bias.

In The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Anthony gives you the tools to live a life of abundance and personal fulfillment. He debunks the common misconception that life is a series of chance happenings, unaffected by personal choice. Anthony asserts that “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

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Article Source: [] The Secrets of Deliberate Creation

Download the Secrets of Deliberate Creation

How to Make Money with Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Formula Pro

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Facebook Formula Pro Internet Marketing Newbies Bank 5,000 In Just 30 Days With Facebook Fan Page System. 130+ Pages Of Action Packed Instruction On How To Make Money With Facebook! Comes With 10 Modules, Video Tutorials And More! See How We Made ,000 In Just 1 Day! Facebook Formula Pro Web Tennis Drills Over 450 Quality Tennis Drills For 2-4 Players, Large Groups, Footwork And Fitness Drills, Tennis Lesson Plans And Many More. Make Over 50% Recurring Commission Plus A Month Bonus!!! Financial Freedom using Facebook Formula Pro Fan Pages

50+50×0+1= Question on Facebook

If you have come across this question on Facebook you are probably thinking that the answer is 1 right?  Wrong.  The answer is actually 51.  Because there is no order of operations i.e brackets around the 50 you start with 50 x 0 which equals 0, then you move onto 50 + 1 which equals 51.

So the Correct answer is in fact 51.

Order of operations has very specific rules.  Those rules make the need for brackets not necessary in this case.


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Here, if you want to stump people, use this:


x^2 = xy

x^2-y^2 = xy – y^2

(x+y)(x-y) = y(x-y)

x+y = y

1+1 = 1


What can I say? I joined GVO at the time of the relaunch under Brian Bear.  The reason I joined GVO was that Brian Bear hosted a Webinar which was available to all his previous GDI Downline members at the time of the relaunch of GVO.  Brian made out like he was so very excited to be part of this new venture (GVO) and how he could make us all a lot of money in the process if we signed up with him.

Now at the time I thought well as an Internet Marketer myself previously being part of GDI (which I have found to be a great company and have had a lot of success with) that I would give this a go and if he kicked me off with a few downline members then all well and good I would be on my way to at least breaking even with the costs involved in being part of GVO to start with.  Well lets just say that over 1 month later I have had absolutely no contact with Brian ( I have emailed him on numerous occasions) and he has provided me with absolutely no signups.

You may be thinking to yourself at this stage, but Ben he shouldn’t have to provide you with signups, you should be looking for them yourself.  Well that may be true, but Brian Bear made out in the webinar before the relaunch of GVO that as part of signing up with him as part of the relaunch that we would be making history and there would be 100’s even 1000’s of people joining in the coming days and he would be placing them all into our downlines so we could all start earning. This NEVER HAPPENED!

Looks to me that the only person who has gotten anything out of GVO is in fact Brian Bear and the reason he wanted a flood of signups is to win the weekly competitions which made him even more cash!

I have actually been investigating Brian Bear for some time and have come to the conclusion that he is part of some quite shady operations in that he uses a lot of hacked / cracked software and shares it with his downline (after he has already cashed in on it of course).  He is a member of Black Hat World (well he was, I believe he is currently banned) and I have also discovered that he was sending massive amounts of paid traffic to his website with Google Adsense advertised on them.  If you remember back a year or so ago he was always talking about how much money he was making with Adsense.  Well guess what??? Google Adsense shut him down for sending fake / bot traffic to his website, yes I even read his post on it from  Black Hat World.

As an Internet Marketer I find his methods absolutely appalling in that he keeps massive mailing lists of people and pretends to help them make money online when the only thing he is doing is giving them false hope and making himself richer.  He might have been a good guy back when he first started in GDI but now it seems to me the money has gone to his head and now he doesn’t care about the people at all!

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You have no doubt seen the masses of Online Income Money Stream systems being offered by so called wannabe Internet Marketers right now.  These are the systems showing you some guy standing next to a Ferrari F430 or perhaps a Lamborghini Gallardo or even that mansion in Sunset Beach.  We all want that dream of being able to quit our jobs and work from home for ourselves and these websites prey on people like that to sell their $97 , $197, sometimes even $997 quick fix products to.

< I am going to show you how for free you can start up your own website selling online products from the Clickbank Marketplace.  I do recommend paying for hosting with a reputable company such as Hostgator and maybe a domain with either NameCheap or GoDaddy for this method, mainly because if you choose a free route and rely on Web 2.0 properties you might find your hard work being deleted as many of the big names such as Squidoo and Hubpages absolutely hate us affiliates.  They feel that they are the only people who should be making money on the internet and so they try and destroy us.  When we set up our own hosting and domain name they cannot get rid of us and we become a player as well in the affiliate / internet marketing market.

Step #1 : Sign up with Hostgator and NameCheap.

Step #2: Sign up for an account with EzineArticles.  I will explain this step a little further into this Income System for Clickbank.

Step #3: Get my free Clickbank Ultimate Supertip Ebook here.

Step #4: Get a Twitter and Facebook account (don’t use your personal accounts for either of these) you need a separate one for your online business.

Step #5: Sign up for a Youtube account (again you need to have a separate one for your online business and promoting your Clickbank Products)
Ok so with Step 2 I told you to get your own EzineArticles account.  The reason for this is that you need to write 5 to 10 articles on the product you wish to promote.  There is so many different products to promote over at Clickbank.  I suggest just going through the Clickbank Marketplace and choosing products that generally interest you.  There is anything from Home / Gardening, to betting on lotto systems, to Solar Energy etc.  I suggest when first getting into this make money method that you stay away from the Fitness and Make Money niches as these are so flooded with competition right now and you really want to get your website ranking well within the search engines.

Now if you signed up with Hostgator and went the domain name route you will need to create a website.  Now this might sound very difficult but it really isn’t, with the introduction of WordPress in recent years it is now very easy to put together a fully functional website in a matter of minutes.  Check out the video below for more on that topic.

How to Host Your WordPress Blog Using Hostgator Quick training video to show everyone how to host their WordPress blog using their own host. I recommend using HostGator (link: ).

Now that you have the website underway I now want to show you another way to bring in money while you are waiting for your Clickbank checks to arrive.  As you may or may not be aware Clickbank requires all members to have sales submitted through at least 2 different payment options in order to get a payout, this is to stop people from being able to fraudulanty being able to claim through Clickbank and then submit refunds while keeping the affiliate commissions.  A great way to bring in money while waiting for your Clickbank payments to start arriving is to sign up for a Paypal account or AlertPay account, either is fine and start selling the Ultimate Supertip by Harvey Segal which people can sign up and benefit from giving you instant $10 and $37 payments depending on which membership they wish to sign up for.  You can view more on this here.

You also need to sign up to Twitter and Facebook as this is where you are going to help promote your new website and get people buying your Clickbank Products whether you are selling a product like Ken Silvers Silver Lotto System or maybe the Running your Car on water niche which is pretty hot at the moment you are going to want to promote it through social media.  Once you have signed up for Twitter go and do a search for keywords to do with your niche and start following the people that are talking about that niche or products in that niche.  You then need to use WordPress to post a new entry on your website surrounding that product and provide your Clickbank Link so that you can get paid for it.  See the Clickbank Linking Video here.

Making Money With Clickbank

My thoughts on the ClickBank affiliate program. See my top money makers:

See my Clickbank Earnings

Learn how to build a website

Start your website here and get free domain forwarding and access to free videos for how to setup your website.

I also recommend promoting Clickbank products through Youtube, but for this method you may not be comfortable promoting the product yourself on video so here is what you can do. is a website that provides services that people are willing to do for $5, you can actually pay people over there to make you a 30 second video for $5.  Here is a link to one of those sellers below

I will create a short promotional video for your business/website for $5

You can also buy things like views to your Youtube videos after you have uploaded them which will help you get to the top of the Youtube Video Search and will provide you with even more video views to your Youtube channel and videos.  Here is a link below to get over 10,000 views to your Youtube video.

I will give you 15,000 views on your youtube video for $5

The views above come as 200 real youtube views per day over 30 days so it will appear that your Youtube video is slowly becoming popular and as more people see it more people will visit it and start that youtube viral effect that you want to achieve and start getting more and more Clickbank sales.

Free Clickbank Ebook Download

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As an Affiliate Marketer I know the importance of having different affiliate programs to work with and one of the best out there would have to be Clickbank.  The range of products to choose from and promote is massive and there is a niche there for almost any market you can possibly think of.  Just for example I was looking through this morning at the top performing products and here is what I found.

The top 8 performing Clickbank Products currently are these:

Steve Iser’s Commission Crusher

Google Sniper 2.0 by George Brown

Auto Click Profits –

Profit Monarch 3in1 Software Suite  By Paul Ponna – This is the same guy behind the Miracle Traffic Bot software you may be familiar with from 2010.

Satellite Direct TV to PC software –  – Huge seller on Clickbank for years now.

Reverse Phone Lookup People Search, Email Search, Family History Search – – Another top selling clickbank product for more than 2 years. – Instant Cash Empire

The Diet Solution Program – The Number 1 seller in Health on Clickbank currently.

These are the top 8 clickbank products currently with gravity between 300 and 750.  This means that there is a huge number of active affiliates selling these products with a few of these top 8 actually being top products for not just a few weeks but years and years.  2 examples of this are the Satellite Tv to Pc software and the Reverse Phone Lookup People Search product.  The main reason for these 2 products doing so well is because they are providing a cheap service to their customers for knowledge and services that people want at a cheap price.

With the cost of living people are switching from cable tv to a one time payment where they can watch as much tv as they want and never have to pay those recurring monthly fees that come with cable tv.

You will notice a number of Internet Marketing products make up the top 8 within Clickbanks top products.  A lot of these products tend to come and go and the high gravity can be caused by a huge promotion through local Internet Marketing forums and joint ventures such as the use of the Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forums.

I find that promoting some of these top 8 products can be at times very hit and miss and especially if I am going to promote with Hubpages, I like a product that is going to have high gravity and sales for the longterm rather than a few weeks given that it takes time to rank well within the search engines for various keywords.

Mass Money Makers was released to the public on the 28th of December 2010 by Internet Marketers Matt Bacak and Alen Sultanic.

Matt Bacak is the according to Mass Money Makers Bonus Hubpages is the Internet Marketer of the year for 2010 and is a best selling author and self made millionaire who has helped thousands of people all over the world with his internet marketing strategies.

The Mass Money Makers Course will teach average internet users how to build their very own online business that can make money for them around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over the next coming weeks I am sure you will see lots of bonuses being given out with the Mass Money Makers Course and I am actually already giving away a bonus when you sign up for it. I am giving away my complete

* Hubpages Traffic Guide (with proven methods of getting traffic with Hubpages).
* How to make $3,000 per month on Tradebit
* How to make money with Global Domains International (with proof of my earnings)
* How to make money with Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip (with proof of my earnings)
* How to attract 700+ visitors to your website every single day.

This bonus package is worth over $250 and is yours free when you order Mass Money Makers through this page. Even if you decide that Mass Money Makers is not for you and get a refund from Clickbank for it you will still get to keep my bonus package.

To get your bonuses all you have to do is email with the following details
First Name:
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Proof of Purchase #
that is all you have to do and I will send you your $250 worth of bonuses right away.

I am an expert when it comes to obtaining free traffic to websites and getting sales online but even the Mass Money Makers course has been of benefit to me and given that you can now pick this course up for such a small price it is definately worth it. Get your copy here

If you have signed up with Clickbank and are yet to make any serious money with them then you really need to read the information below.

I have been a member of Clickbank for just over 2 years now and have made quite a bit of money as an affiliate with them. I am going to tell you exactly what you need in order to start making money with Clickbank on a regular basis and how you can bring in $3,000 per month quite easily through selling other peoples products.

What I aim for is $100 a day, and it did actually take some time to reach that goal of $100 a day. Some days I still may have a $30 day but the following day might bring me in around $170, the thing to keep in mind is that you have a goal set for yourself and try and reach that goal. You may have a goal of $50 a day with Clickbank and once you reach that you may increase, for me I always wanted to earn $100+ a day.

As an affiliate marketer I earn through various programs on the internet those being Global Domains – GDI, Clickbank, PaydotCom, as well as a couple of my own products that I sell through Paypal. Of those programs I started each one and only worked on each one until I was completely happy. Programs like GDI I have found quite easily run on autopilot once you have set up your videos etc but as for Clickbank it is the kind of affiliate program where you must always be on the lookout for new products that people are going to want to buy and most importantly have good content as you don’t too many refunds with Clickbank. While you will find that the odd buyer are ‘serial clickbank refunders’ most of the time if you are selling a good product you can keep the refunds pretty low overall.

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As most of you know by now I do quite a bit of article marketing as part of my affiliate marketing strategy.  Recently I was able to get 20,000 views to one of my articles in under 60 days resulting in me getting that article into both the Top 10 Most Viewed section of EA as well as the Top 10 Most Published section of EzineArticles.

Here is how I did it.

Step 1: Write an original content article after researching “Keywords that get search results” and providing content that was useful to the end reader.
Step 2: I sent this article out to my mailing list.  I don’t have a big mailing list, I have approx 500 people who are on it but are highly targeted.
Step 3: Created Backlinks from both my websites and other related websites to drive traffic further.
Step 4: I created links from a couple of my hubs over at Hubpages.  I also use Hubpages for Affiliate Marketing.

These 4 steps were enough to get me enough views to make it into the Top 10 Most Viewed on EzineArticles resulting in a ton of backlinks from all Affiliate Revenue articles helping me rank better in the search engines as well as providing me with thousands of views directly through EA.

Now the article I wrote can be found here : How to Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business Earning $3K per month

As you can see the article has some very good keywords as well as a heading that makes people curious as to how they can make money online and how to start.

Within that article I then used the resource box to link to a very successful Hub of mine called: Promoting Clickbank Products Absolutely Free and Making Money with them.

Looking back through the stats the original article over at EA is converting very well back to my Hub.

Imagine if I would of directly linked to my website with Affiliate Links though, I could of been making a hell of a lot of money through this one article.  I always say to people who are thinking of writing for EA that it is quality over quantity.  There is no need to write article after article and you should concentrate more on the articles you have already written and look into creating backlinks for those articles, read my guide on Creating Backlinks for ideas.

Now for those who have not read my other articles on Hubpages regarding EzineArticles I suggest you check them out.  I divided it into three parts and is a must read for any article writer who is looking to get both traffic and sales.

The first part is called:

How I made over $1,000 last month with EzineArticles

the next part of the guide is

How to Get into the Top 10 at EzineArticles – works for most viewed and most published

and the last part is more on the 20,000 views I received from EzineArticles

I believe that when it comes to both EzineArticles and Hubpages they are an excellent source of traffic if used right.  Hubpages is often overlooked but it shouldn’t be as it has a Pagerank of 6 currently and is relatively easy to rank well in the search engines for even competitive keywords providing you do it right.  Check out the Hubpages Affiliate Training Guide for more info

For more information on Affiliate Marketing and how to make money online check out Make Money Online Free Info