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If you have had a call from 02 6188 5154 you are not alone.  Some of the time they will simply hang up as you answer and sometimes they will actually talk.  It seems to be a competition scam they are running from this number. They try and get you to enter a competition with $250,000 in prizes up for grabs.  They also have tried to say you are in breach of contract in some of their calls.  It definitely doesn’t seem like a legit company.  When I looked up the area code it shows up as being from around Yass or Canberra.  Now interestingly I have a new mobile phone number and I have only given that number online once and that was The Little Yellow Envelope so I am thinking that quite possibly it is linked to that, if not then it is a high coincidence that I started receiving those calls after signing up with them.

Buying and Selling Cars For Profit Is Easier Than You Think…(but ONLY if you know the insider secrets).

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Best part, you can get started from home, without a dealers license and with as little as $500-$1,000 in seed money.

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6 Best Cars To Buy And Sell for Profit

How many cars can you buy and sell in a year in nsw?

You can buy and sell up 5 cars in a year in N.S.W but you really need to get a dealers licence to keep on selling.  The fees are $1124.50 for 1 year or $2105 for 3 years.

You are also subject to capital gains tax on buying and selling cars and the law seems pretty unclear if that means that if you have a private car for private use and sell it and happen to make a profit that you would be liable to pay some tax on the profit.

If you are a newbie to either Clickbank or Affiliate Marketing then you really need to read this.  There are a lot of affiliate marketers who never make a single cent with Clickbank and it can be very hard to pick good products to market through the marketplace unless you know what you are looking for.

It is true to also say that there are a lot of dodgy products available through Clickbank that can also see you get that first sale to have it refunded a couple of days later, this can also occur because there are people out there known as ‘serial refunders’.  These are customers who never have any intention of paying for the product itself but still want access to the product.  I find that in the ‘Making Money Online’ niche that this is very common.

Finding a Niche:

This is another difficult issue.  What do you choose as a niche and where do you look for your customers?  Organic search results is the best way to get your customers buying from you but this takes a bit of time and effort to get into Googles Page One results for certain keywords especially if you are targeting some of the more popular Clickbank Products and actually going after action keywords such as Forex Software Buy Fapturbo Now, which by the way is so flooded in the Clickbank Marketplace that it would take some serious time and money to get onto that first page of Google.

Targeting the Smaller Search Engines for Affiliate Marketing

You can ignore Google altogether and target the smaller search engines and come away with good results, sure you aren’t going to get the traffic you would from Google but if you are targeting BUY NOW keywords in the smaller search engines you can still make sales.

Installing Analytics to see what your customers are searching for

I personally like to use a combination of Google Analytics for this and I find that GoStats provides me with longtail keywords that I can focus my SEO on more.  Some of these longtail keywords can bring in a fair bit of traffic.  Sure they aren’t all BUY NOW keywords but they are keywords that I focus on where I feel the customer is not that far away from buying.

In summing up if you are looking at getting into Clickbank Marketing then you really should read the FREE EBOOK Harvey Segals ‘The Ultimate Supertip’. This affiliate marketer is an absolute genius when it comes to affiliate marketing with Clickbank.


Here is a list of Internet Marketing resources for Global Domains International ( GDI )

I have provided this list as well as the Information Pack on how to get traffic and leads for your GDI income system as a lot of people don’t really know where to start when it comes to marketing this amazing income opportunity.

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Dr. Robert Anthony Acknowledged Inspiration Behind ‘the Secret’ Takes Deliberate Creation And The Law Of Attraction To The Next Level!

Download The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Dr Robert Anthony

Download the Secrets of Deliberate Creation

The Secrets of Deliberate Creation
By []Steve Cruize

World renowned self-improvement authority Dr. Robert Anthony has developed a personal development audio program that he calls “The Secret of Deliberate Creation.” The program was designed to help those struggling to achieve their goals find a way to eliminate self-sabotage and internal barriers to success. Dr. Anthony calls his program “A no-nonsense way to get the results you want.” Its premises are drawn from a mixture of both spiritual and scientific principles.

In The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Anthony asserts that every human being on the planet is a creator and that each one of us is creating all of the time. He contends that a person’s individual experience of reality is always in harmony with his own habitual thoughts and beliefs. Anthony says that this process of creating one’s own reality is ongoing and consistent, whether the end results help or harm the individual.

Dr. Anthony says that what shows up in our lives does so in accordance with several universal laws. These laws, he states, are constant and unbiased. High among these is the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that people, places and things of a similar molecular vibration are drawn to one another. Anthony claims that things and circumstances merely exist as particles of possibility before they are brought into form by thought and emotion. By choosing our thoughts we activate our ability utilize the law of attraction.

Dr. Anthony contends that giving to others is a largely overlooked way of getting what you want. In his opinion, based on years of personal research, the universe will return to a person whatever he or she sends out to others. Dr. Anthony also says that holding on to negative emotions actually invites the things that you don’t want into your life. This is because the law of attraction does not care whether the things that you manifest are good for you or not. Just like the law of gravity, it will always work, even if you don’t understand the mechanics behind it. If a baby crawls off the ledge of a building, she will fall, even though she does not comprehend the concept of gravity. In the same way, the law of attraction works without personal opinion or bias.

In The Secret of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Anthony gives you the tools to live a life of abundance and personal fulfillment. He debunks the common misconception that life is a series of chance happenings, unaffected by personal choice. Anthony asserts that “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

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Review of Tim Bekker’s Make Me a Millionaire – Is It Worth a Try?

Review of Tim Bekker’s Make Me a Millionaire – Is It Worth a Try?

By Laura Wolf

If you are trying to make a living on-line, you might have been promised a hundred times that you just push a button and the millions will come to you, haven’t you? We all go through that phase, until we realize that the only money the guy is making is coming from people like us, falling for the hype. I have been through this, and you might as well. In the below review I am going to explore if Tim Bekker’s Make Me a Millionaire is just another scam or a legitimate training program.

If you are not familiar with the name Tim Bekker, he is the guy who has been Clickbank’s number one affiliate a couple of times, and has been in the top 100 for years. He is doing it using special affiliate marketing strategies, and I think he is clever. The best way to do business online, still, is to have your own product, and Tim Bekker decided to create some teaching other online marketers to master the strategies he is using at the moment.

Why is Tim Bekker’s Make Me a Millionaire different?

Tim Bekker is not promising super-fast results like other on-line marketing trainers. He is focusing on long term results. The money you make will depend on how hard you work learning the affiliate marketing strategies, and how fast you take action. He does not promise you millions overnight, but offers you the chance to build up your million dollar online affiliate business gradually.

What does Tim Bekker’s Make Me a Millionaire offer?

The training is a step by step program, and is suitable for starting up affiliates as well as advanced users. It is not a “get rich quick” program, and you need to follow the steps as you go. It offers an easy to follow learning plan, to help you get set up with your affiliate marketing business. It teaches techniques, traffic generation strategies and skills to make it happen.

Can you become a millionaire with Tim Bekker?

Tim is obviously not promising that everyone who buys this training package for a mere $7 will be making millions. Honestly speaking, it is up to you. You either take on the course and learn the techniques; implement the methods, or not. Nobody has ever made a killing in affiliate marketing by watching some videos. The choice is yours, but all the tools and knowledge you need are included in the program. Overall, I think the training module is a bargain, and is suitable for anyone who is serious about making money online.

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What can I say? I joined GVO at the time of the relaunch under Brian Bear.  The reason I joined GVO was that Brian Bear hosted a Webinar which was available to all his previous GDI Downline members at the time of the relaunch of GVO.  Brian made out like he was so very excited to be part of this new venture (GVO) and how he could make us all a lot of money in the process if we signed up with him.

Now at the time I thought well as an Internet Marketer myself previously being part of GDI (which I have found to be a great company and have had a lot of success with) that I would give this a go and if he kicked me off with a few downline members then all well and good I would be on my way to at least breaking even with the costs involved in being part of GVO to start with.  Well lets just say that over 1 month later I have had absolutely no contact with Brian ( I have emailed him on numerous occasions) and he has provided me with absolutely no signups.

You may be thinking to yourself at this stage, but Ben he shouldn’t have to provide you with signups, you should be looking for them yourself.  Well that may be true, but Brian Bear made out in the webinar before the relaunch of GVO that as part of signing up with him as part of the relaunch that we would be making history and there would be 100’s even 1000’s of people joining in the coming days and he would be placing them all into our downlines so we could all start earning. This NEVER HAPPENED!

Looks to me that the only person who has gotten anything out of GVO is in fact Brian Bear and the reason he wanted a flood of signups is to win the weekly competitions which made him even more cash!

I have actually been investigating Brian Bear for some time and have come to the conclusion that he is part of some quite shady operations in that he uses a lot of hacked / cracked software and shares it with his downline (after he has already cashed in on it of course).  He is a member of Black Hat World (well he was, I believe he is currently banned) and I have also discovered that he was sending massive amounts of paid traffic to his website with Google Adsense advertised on them.  If you remember back a year or so ago he was always talking about how much money he was making with Adsense.  Well guess what??? Google Adsense shut him down for sending fake / bot traffic to his website, yes I even read his post on it from  Black Hat World.

As an Internet Marketer I find his methods absolutely appalling in that he keeps massive mailing lists of people and pretends to help them make money online when the only thing he is doing is giving them false hope and making himself richer.  He might have been a good guy back when he first started in GDI but now it seems to me the money has gone to his head and now he doesn’t care about the people at all!

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Mass Money Makers was released to the public on the 28th of December 2010 by Internet Marketers Matt Bacak and Alen Sultanic.

Matt Bacak is the according to Mass Money Makers Bonus Hubpages is the Internet Marketer of the year for 2010 and is a best selling author and self made millionaire who has helped thousands of people all over the world with his internet marketing strategies.

The Mass Money Makers Course will teach average internet users how to build their very own online business that can make money for them around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over the next coming weeks I am sure you will see lots of bonuses being given out with the Mass Money Makers Course and I am actually already giving away a bonus when you sign up for it. I am giving away my complete

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