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richquickreview.com I had to make this video, just to get it off my chest. Auto Mass Traffic has such an epically bad sales-letter, it’s hard to believe. Auto Mass Traffic is just so incredibly stupid that I can’t imagine why on earth someone would promote it. I’m also pretty sure that it’s a repackaging of some piece of “traffic generating” software that’s been sold a couple of times before. I’ve got to say: I usually don’t get too bothered by any of these silly “ClickBank Boys” launches, but this one just hit me at the wrong time, I guess. Watch out for tons of Auto Mass Traffic reviews and auto mass traffic bonuses and whatnot, no doubt promising you the world and all the online income you could dream of. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY THIS. Of course, the guys promise that this is the easiest way to make money online as an affiliate marketer and that they’ll show you the real guru secrets to make lots of money with AUTO MASS TRAFFIC and that your life will be great once you get this traffic software etc. etc. There’s no end to what they will claim on a sh*tty sales page like this to make as many desperate internet marketing newbies hand over some cash. Again: Whatever you do, do not buy AUTO MASS TRAFFIC!

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Video Rating: 1 / 5