AshMax Review
By []Matthew E Peterson

AshMax is a brand new opportunity founded by Ash Mufareh a leader in GDI or Global Domains International for 3 years. The system offers marketing tools that helps its members or affiliates earn an income in two different business models. The two companies affiliated are GDI and Freeway to Freedom.

How it works is that there is a 5×5 matrix structure where each person is expected to recruit 5 people. Essentially AshMax is a marketing tool that assists you with building your down lines in these respective business models. The monthly residual income received from a filled 5×5 matrix is roughly $22,000 per month.

There is a 20 day challenge to join this opportunity. Everyone that joins and signs up 5 people in 20 days will be done forever. They will receive spillover for the remainder of the time they stay on. There is a flipside to this as well, if you are unable to get 5 people in 20 days then you are removed from the system. This business is free to join and costs $25 per month to maintain your membership.

I respect and appreciate the way this system is set up. I think just about anyone who has been involved in MLM or network marketing has been discouraged with the tire kickers or individuals that jump from one opportunity to the next. It looks like they have found an innovative way to weed this people out and I think it is brilliant.

One of the concerns I have is surrounding the figures. I do not understand how with only $25 per month per person how everyone the remains in the system is going to be receiving 22k per month. Some of the numbers don’t seem to add up as is often the case in many home based programs but this is not to say that this is not legitimate. In fact, I believe that AshMax is a legitimate business opportunity for an individual that is willing to put in the work and understands how to effectively promote their business online.

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