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7 Ways to Guarantee Your Affiliate Marketing Success!
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Swarup_Rajsekar]Swarup Rajsekar

Are you over-worked in a job that doesn’t make you feel happy? Do you earn lesser income than you wish for after working 40 hours every week?

Let’s face it. Many people continue working from paycheck to paycheck in hope of a drastic increase in their income from annual appraisals or bonuses.

While this is a good way of earning a sizable income through a job, thousands of people have discovered a way of using the internet to make at least 10 times the money from the same effort and in lesser time by using a technique called Affiliate Marketing.

1) Always stay focused at what you’re trying to achieve.

Many people write about staying focused as a conclusion. However, I thought it would get maximum importance by putting it right on the top. It is the most important step above everything else. Making money on the internet is fun. Just like anything new, we all learn how to walk before we can run. Stay enthusiastic while learning new concepts and doing new things. You will surely make LOTS of money.

2) Your passions and hobbies are the best place start.

Write a list of all your favorite passions, hobbies and interests. Also keep an eye out for popular topics or advertisements on TV Shows. There’s a good chance that MANY people all over the world share the same passions too. Shortlist the top 5 niches that interest you most. Keep your mind open to various possibilities. You’ll be surprised by the variety of things out there.

3) How many people are already looking for solutions on the internet?

Use Google’s FREE “Keyword Research Tool” to find out the number of monthly search queries. Example: “learn to play guitar” has 74,000 monthly searches in the US. Your keyword phrases could also get specific like: “electric guitar lessons”, which has 9,900 monthly searches. Although the latter has lower search volume, it is easier to sell because they know exactly what they want. Make sure the niche is profitable even before you move on the next step.

4) Find many products that can promoted to your niche as an affiliate.

As an affiliate marketer, you do NOT need to own any product. There are plenty of products that already have positive reviews and testimonials on the internet. You can partner with these product owners and earn commissions anywhere between 50% and 75% (digital products) each time a sale gets generated through your referral. To find affiliate programs in your niche visit ClickBank, Commission Junction, eBay, ShareASale or Linkshare.

5) Setup a lead generation system. Your most important asset.

Setup an automated system to gather contact information of potential leads that visit your website, blog or squeeze page. You will need an Autoresponder like AWeber to keep in touch with all your subscribers via weekly newsletters. Build a good relationship by sending them quality content on strategies, industry updates, news, and affiliate promotions.

6) Drive traffic and make money.

Once your automated system has been setup, it will work for you 24/7. Start focusing on traffic generation using various FREE methods such as article submissions, blog commenting, facebook pages and forum signatures. Pick one or two sources. You should be able to master them in a couple of weeks. Your automated system will take care of the sales process on its own.

7) Track and improve performance based on statistics.

Monitor your traffic sources. See which sources are generating more leads. Look for ways to improve it. Analyze how traffic responds after they come to your website, blog, squeeze page or sales page. Tweak the system to improve its performance.

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?7-Ways-to-Guarantee-Your-Affiliate-Marketing-Success!&id=5069797] 7 Ways to Guarantee Your Affiliate Marketing Success!