If you have come across this question on Facebook you are probably thinking that the answer is 1 right?  Wrong.  The answer is actually 51.  Because there is no order of operations i.e brackets around the 50 you start with 50 x 0 which equals 0, then you move onto 50 + 1 which equals 51.

So the Correct answer is in fact 51.

Order of operations has very specific rules.  Those rules make the need for brackets not necessary in this case.

Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_operations

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Here, if you want to stump people, use this:


x^2 = xy

x^2-y^2 = xy – y^2

(x+y)(x-y) = y(x-y)

x+y = y

1+1 = 1