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Top Ways to Make Money Online in 2010

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Being able to Make Money Online has gotten a whole lot easier over the last couple of years thanks to the advancements of the Internet that we are constantly given.  Affiliate Marketing is a free and quite an easy way to make money online.  I have been over the last 2 years, involved in several Affiliate Marketing ventures with Global Domains International (GDI) as well as Clickbank and Marketing through EzineArticles and Hubpages.

I went from earning around $35,000 per year to $75,000 in my first year of Internet Marketing and am on track to earn around $140,000 for this financial year (my 2nd year in Affiliate / Internet Marketing thanks to some very good opportunities that have come along over the last few months.

Global Domains International (GDI) is a web hosting / domain company with a difference.  They not only offer you the chance to own your own website with hosting included for just $10 per month but they also offer you a unique business opportunity within GDI.  This opportunity allows you to refer new members into GDI for their chance to own their own website with hosting and GDI pays you for referring them in.  I also have a Free Report for GDI members showing you ways I have made money using GDI.  You can download that FREE REPORT by clicking the Download Now button below.  For more Work at Home Typing Online Jobs click here.  See the Free Ebooks bringing $10 and $37 payments to my Paypal on a regular basis.

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You can also Market GDI using WordPress, find out more at The WordPress Expert

So how can Global Domains International (GDI) afford to pay you?

GDI can afford to pay you a residual income on every one you refer for LIFE because they have factored this into the cost they charge monthly for members to be part of this company.  That $10 you pay every month allows them to pay the people that referred you to GDI and the people that referred them and so on, 5 levels deep!!  This means that if you refer 5 people and those 5 people refer 5 people and so on 5 levels deep then you have the potential to earn a monthly residual income of $3,900 each and every month for the rest of your life.  Not only do they pay you on this level but if you are a GDI Premium Member you can get paid weekly bonuses on top of this, for each 5 members you signup within a 7 day period starting on Monday morning and ending Sunday night you will be paid $100.  If you refer 50 members for the week you will be paid a $1,000 bonus.

Now I know you are thinking that this offer sounds too good to be true and that is why I have included video footage showing Brian Bear logging into his GDI and Paypal accounts as proof that this system works and works very well.  When you join with me you also get support from Brian Bear through his training centre as well as support through myself with the ways that I have been marketing GDI.  I have learnt a lot about marketing with affiliate programs and I will also teach you additional ways to make money online besides GDI as a bonus just for signing up with me.  It is that easy and all you will pay is $10 a month.  On top of all that you also get a FREE 7 day trial to see if GDI is for you. If you don’t like the program then you can quit in those 7 days and you wont be charged a penny.

Watch this GDI Video by Brian Bear below for proof of payment!

Making Money with Hubpages and Clickbank and GDI

Hubpages is an excellent way to make money with your Affiliate Programs.  A lot of people think of Hubpages as an alternative to blogging and most people think that you can only make money with Hubpages through Google Adsense.  While Adsense is another way you can make money with Hubpages you can also make a whole lot more money by marketing products through Clickbank and also promoting GDI.  I have signed up many members through the use of Hubpages over the last couple of years and think that this is one of the best methods on the Internet.  Visit Earning with Hubpages for more information.

Harvey Segal Ultimate Supertip Ebook – Clickbank Internet Marketer

I have also been marketing Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook with a great deal of success.  The book involves downloading it completely FREE right here. Click here to Download a COPY of the Ultimate Supertip right now!!  You then use Internet Marketing to give this book away and make money straight to your Paypal account even though you are giving the book away free.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it!! It works though, trust me and I have the proof for you right here.  Visit Proof of Payment with Paypal for more information.

I have also included this weeks GDI Leaderboards for you to view the GDI members who received a bonus weekly commission on top of their monthly residual income for LIFE!

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Introducing…… THE WORDPRESS EXPERT – Check it out.

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Weekly Potential Leaderboard

Covers New Signups for the Week of 05/31/2010 – 06/06/2010

Amount New Signups Affiliate Name City State Country

$1100 58 Tissa Godavitarne Herndon VA US

$600 31 Paul Cherry Sebastian FL US

$500 28 Tim Sebert Waxhaw NC US

$400 20 Pittaya Kinsungnoen Sungnoen NAKHON RATCHASIMA TH

$300 18 Rungrote Pengartis Ayutthaya AYUTTHAYA TH

$300 18 Natthaphong Sirisrimangkorn Thunyaburi PRATUMTHANI TH

$300 15 William Carroll Roswell GA US

$200 14 Virasak Aromsuk Bangplee SAMUTPRAKARN TH

$200 14 Kittipong Yenbankuan Bangkok TH

$200 13 Randy Beck Sioux Falls SD US

$200 13 Stan Tomaszewski Lewiston NY US

$200 13 Titipat Boonchum Kut-Chum Yosothon TH

$200 12 Bear Marketing Taylor MI US

$200 11 Sergio Arturo Bravo Zarate San Nicolas de Los Garza NL MX

$200 11 Nor Asiah Karib Petaling Jaya SELANGOR MY

$200 10 Stone Evans Dallas TX US

$100 9 Tanakit Kongboonvijit Nakhonpathom NP TH

$100 9 Mathieu Bisson Leduc AB CA

$100 9 Petar Novakovic Rijeka Croatia HR

$100 8 Ewen Chia Ti Wah Singapore SINGAPORE SG

$100 8 GDI Website Leaders Penfield NY US

$100 8 Joey Lyell Sharon TN US

$100 8 In Demand Inc. Port Saint Lucie FL US

$100 8 Valentina Fraser Vancouver WA US

$100 7 Izabela Kiljan Auckland AUCKLAND NZ

$100 7 Nicholas Gregory Staunton VA US

$100 7 T J Rohleder Hillsboro KS US

$100 7 William Jackson Vancouver BC CA

$100 7 Keith Kearney Poughkeepsie NY US

$100 6 Iwan Chandra Medan Sumut ID

$100 6 Chokchai Sirorattanakul Muang PATHUMTHANI TH

$100 6 Jorge Guerrero Panama PMA PA

$100 6 Danny Alex Lachos Perez Chiclayo – Jose Leonardo Ortiz PE

$100 6 Henry Smith London ENGLAND GB

$100 6 Vorayuth Sopananugul Samphan NAKHONPATHOM TH

$100 6 Adnan Sut Wien Austria AT

$100 6 Ken Rankin Fremont CA US

$100 6 Bupparit Loungprom samphan NAKHONPATHOM TH

$100 6 Pongsak Mormungkun vattana BANGKOK TH

$100 6 Wiwat Marakrong Muang Distric UBON RATCHATANI TH

$100 6 Kevin Hass Wylie TX US

$100 6 Travis Alexander Los Angeles CA US

$100 5 Cynthia Minnaar Pietermaritzburg KWAZULU NATAL ZA

$100 5 David Pastrana Lima LIMA PE

$100 5 Gabor Fenyes Szeged Csongrad HU

$100 5 Jikly Batista Union City NJ US

$100 5 Ana Lia Sepulveda Ramirez Cali VALLE DEL CAUCA CO

$100 5 Tim Nagle Colorado Springs CO US

$100 5 C.S Park Buchen GY KR

$100 5 Ernesto Mabaso Cebu City CEBU PH

$100 5 supawadee worrapimrut mung TH