If you have been online looking at Home Business ventures for a while you will have most probably come across someone who is promoting GDI.  GDI is a company with a huge online presence at this point in time.  They have a very generous bonus structure as well as a recurring monthly income that you can earn very good money with.

The bonus structure:   Every 5 new members you bring into the system within a 7 day period you can earn $100 bonus.  Bring in 25 members earn $500, bring in 50 members and earn $1000 for the week.

The recurring income structure: Every new member you bring into the system you get $1 every month for.  This may not seem like much but you also earn $1 throughout your downline.  Your downline with GDI is 5 levels deep.  This means that if you were to bring in just 5 members and each of those bring in 5 new members each your downline would look like this

Layer 1 = 5
Layer 2 = 25 (5x5)
Layer 3 = 125 (25x5)
Layer 4 = 625 (125x5)
Layer 5 = 3,125 (625x5)

Your total Monthly Income = $3,905

Now as you know some people will signup and then never put in the effort to get those 5 people into the system, but there is also some members out there that will not stop at recruiting 5 members.  They could signup 100's, even 1000's of members that will each appear in your downline.

Brian Bear is one of the leading GDI members.  This guy was a 33 year old truck driver who retired to build his income online with GDI and now earns over $10,000 a month.  In the first 5 months of being with the company he had already built a downline of over 4,000 members guaranteeing him a monthly income of $4,000 even if he never added more members.

For new members that sign up with me at Global Domains get access to my training modules as well as Brian Bears Marketing System and strategies.  These alone can show you the way to a successful future online with GDI.

Click here now to see more online job opportunities.

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that offers something a little different than a lot of the cryptocurrencies out there. If you were lucky enough to pick yourself up some of this crypto via the crowd token sale you had the opportunity to pick these up for 1 cent each! You also had the opportunity to earn a bonus on your Electroneum tokens of 10% and up to 40% in some cases depending on how early you purchased.

Right now according to CoinMarketCap: Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations it is trading at nearly 4 cents. It has been trading as high as 20 cents in the first day it hit the market. There has been a number of glitches with this crypto though including purchasers not being able to move their coins to an offline wallet. Currently as of the 4th November 2017 the team are working away hard to fix this problem.

Download the Bitcoin Miracle PDF here

There is however a lot of angry investors who are unable to move their ETN around to Cryptopia which is the exchange ETN first got listed on. However miners have been able to move their coins around and get them onto Cryptopia causing problems for investors as they believe that the team at Electroneum should of frozen all transactions as it is unfair that miners are able to sell their coins already and yet the investors (the people who made this project possible) were not able to.

Can Electroneum recover?

Electroneum price 2018 speculation: electroneum price 2018 is currently $1 US Dollar by Q2 2018.

However this is only a problem for the investors of Electroneum that wish to offload their coins right away. If you are planning HODL (HOLD) your coins then there is really little problem as this coin does have a lot of potential and will be interesting to see how high the coin goes. There is plenty of speculation of $2 in the not too distant future meaning if you had purchased just $100 worth of electroneum you could potentially be sitting on $20,000!

I believe this year the market is concentrating a lot of BTC and where that goes, currently $7,350 US as of November 4th. Speculation of a slight correction back to $6,200 and then a surge to $10,000 US by the end of 2017, maybe even before the end of November.

What this means and if you look at the Coin Market Cap and what coins are being transferred right now, you can see a lot of volume of alternative coins such as Electroneum being converted into Bitcoin. Once the Bitcoin price surge drops off and plateaus eventually (it will happen even if just for a short term) you will see people start to pick up the alternate coins. This is when I think Electroneum will take off. This is the first coin of its kind to be marketed to the masses, meaning people with little knowledge of crypto currency now have the chance to jump in.

Some look at this as a bad thing but from an investor point of view I see this as a brilliant move by the team at Electroneum and am looking to load up on more Electroneum before the end of November.

Pannadda Sheeram GDI

Pannadda Sheeram from Thailand receives a cheque from GDI (Global Domains International).

Paypal Booster Payment Proof

Harvey Segal shows you how to get $37 Payments directly to your Paypal daily.

Global Domains International – GDI, Work From Home, Legit Home Business, Pcmarketing.ws

Global Domains International – VIEW FREE FULL VIDEO IN YOUR LANGUAGE AT Pcmarketing.ws, Global Domains International – GDI allows you to Work From Home as a Legit Home Business and has been progressing in business for over a decade now. The income potential is great..like possibly early retirement great. You get a free 7 day trial. on the 7th day your card will be charged only $10 and $10 a month thereafter. For every 5 people you refer within a calendar week that becomes paying associates you will receive $100 bonus…10 $200. and so on. you also get paid $1 for every referral that is paying there monthly payment. You can see an example of this at www.pcmarketing.ws, you will get your monthly residual 5 levels deep. its important to let your money work for you. with Gdi mlm like monthly residual structure you have no choice but to succeed. pcmarketing.ws . refer 10 people and pay there first month , get your bonus and you will already have your biz on auto pilot. www.pcmarketing.ws THIS BUSINESS IS GLOBAL, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM ANYWHERE AND GET TRAFFIC AND SIGN UPS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD AND MAKE MONEY. www.pcmarketing.ws – panadda sheeran gdi
GDI & Pannadda Sheeram has helped a lot of newbies break into Internet Marketing. Its a simple affiliate program that still pays a lot of money for a hard working marketer. Not to mention they have been around forever which in my books is a plus, there are too many new launches that never make it to the moon, i believe GDI’s simplicity is its strong point. GDI offers a straight forward solid income opportunity by way of an mlm structured compensation plan, in fact the majority of these new launches are providing similar mlm compensation plans. There are many ways to make money marketing online and many products to market online, no matter the product good or bad….You will need to market it to see results. Its simple and to the point, $50 a month for Premium upgrade to own my business, $15 potential on my first line and $5 potential on lines 2 – 5 plus $100 for every 5 referrals from monday – sunday. Easy Social Marketing .
Pannadda Sheeram along with Make Money Online. This will blow you away! Making Money Online made easy.

You’ve never seen anything like this before: I hope you’re ready to Make Real Money Online. Fast & Easy.

The number one way to make money at home beginners welcome. Learn How to make money online. Learn How to make money online easily.

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How To Make Money Online From Home with Pannadda Sheeram and GDI | Earn Money at Home | Internet …Make money online. Make money from home. Make money at home. No more BS making money from home, Learn The Best legit ways to making money online. Time and effort is needed if you want Tips to Make Money at Home – Mobil Marketing app, work from your smart phone or PC. Start Making Money from your Mobil Cell Phone Today.

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Make Money At Home|Make Money Online Make money at home. Make money online. Make Money fast. How ANYONE Can Make Money Online Working from Home. Showing you how ANYONE can make money online working from home. From making a little extra each month to setting up your own online business.

Online Jobs, Part Time Jobs, Work Home, Data Entry Jobs, Online Opportunities.. Make Money Online From Home. Make Money Online From Home.

Making money Online can be very easy, Best Way To Make Money Online — 2011 2012 pcmarketing.ws, Gdi or global domains international has been progressing in business for over a decade now. The income potential is great..like possibly early retirement great if you apply yourself.

Forex Strategy Secrets – PDF and Videos

Here is a long list of Forex Strategy Secrets, PDF’s and Videos.


  • 01034.flv
  • 3 Secret numbers you need to know 3-11-14.flv
  • 3 time frames sim trading 1-17-14.flv
  • 30 pips a day trading plan.flv
  • Complete 2017 SEO Training With Top SEO Expert Peter Kent!

  • 30-50 pips a day using time frames 3-3-14.flv
  • A little about Jed and Kirk Norwood.pptx
  • Apprenticeship invitation Video.flv
  • Basic Forex Instruction.docm
  • Book_The_Trading_Crowd.pdf
  • Building Profitable Trading Accont/
  • CDC INTRO.flv
  • Classified Ad video Presentation.mp4
  • Dev2_AUDCAD_M15_Movie.flv
  • Dev2_AUDJPY_M15_Movie.flv
  • Dev2_AUDNZD_M15_Movie.flv
  • Dev2_CADJPY_M15_Movie.flv
  • Dominating the Fear of Loss/
  • Download and Attach to a chart.flv
  • ETR LOGO.psd
  • Early Bird Alerts Manual
  • Email for MT4 build 509.docx
  • Email-1-Postponed-Release.doc
  • Email-2-Postponed-Release.doc
  • EmailSequenceAug10Launch/
  • Entry Signals Manual and Automated 11-15-13.flv
  • Example of Tracking Grades.xlsx
  • FPC Overview/
  • FSS PC Logo.jpg
  • FSS PC Logo.psd
  • FSS VISION.avi
  • Fiat Currency vs. Real Money.flv
  • Fibonacci Main Course Materials Checklist.docx
  • Find Trend Using Trade Grader.flv
  • Forex Strategy Secrets CLASSROOM.docm
  • Forex Trendy Introduction 11-21-13.flv
  • GC Intro.avi
  • GC-Sales webianr.mp4
  • GES Webinar.flv
  • GTR SNIPPITS FEB 2013 4min.flv
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  • GTR Snippets 2-22-2012 c.mp4
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  • Global Call to Moral Action.flv
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  • Greg D 2-27-13 Conversation11.35 min.mp3
  • Greg D 2-27-13 Exits 2.40.mp3
  • Greg D 2-27-13 Trading Room 6 min.mp3
  • Greg D 2-27-13#1.mp3
  • Group Coaching Mega Trade and Watch List Webinar.flv
  • Group Coaching Webinar.camproj
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  • HowToCreateYourFirstKindleBookInaWeekend.pdf
  • IBFX MT4 -509.zip
  • Inner Circle Trading Course Intro Video.flv
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  • Installing Alerts on MT4 Build 600 3-19-14.flv
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  • Jed’s CDC epiphany.mp3
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  • Jump Start Home Page revision 1.pptx
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  • NDP LAUNCH PresentationOctPartialRevision.ppt
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  • Natalie’s Oct week 1 trades Audio.avi
  • Natalie’s Oct week 1 trades Audio~1.flv
  • New LP ND Course Webinar 6-13-13.flv
  • Nth Degree Acceleration Program Schedule.docx
  • Nth Degree Main Course Materials Check List.docx
  • Nth Degree Plus Acceleration Program Schedule.docx
  • Nth Degree Plus Main Course Materials Checklist.docx
  • OCT WK1 JKN.pptx
  • ObamaCare.mp4
  • Oct Week1 Trades Reveiw JKN.flv
  • PostLPJuneAutoWebinar/
  • Power Tools Webinar AO 9-29-14.flv
  • SNIPER VID.flv
  • Steves Training on Fibs 6-12-13.flv
  • Stops 11-8-13.flv
  • Student Feed back.mp3
  • TGS JS Launch 4-24-13.flv
  • TGS JS to ND 5-16-13.flv
  • TGS LP to ND 5-10-13.flv
  • TGS ND 6-06-13.flv
  • TGS ND Launch 4-18-13.flv
  • TGS Watchlist-finding larger time frames 5-14-13.flv
  • The Early Bird Alert Logo.jpg
  • The right time to pull the trigger/
  • Trade Grader Training Video #1.flv
  • TrendNorwoodBundlezip.exe
  • Two Signals to make pips Fast.flv
  • Videos/
  • What our students are saying audio.mp3
  • Written Instructins Video.flv
  • Zonr Trade Preview.avi
  • fpc-header-logoJed revised.psd
  • fpc-header-logokevin.psd
  • template_2685.zip


The Bitcoin Miracle PDF Ebook explains how Bitcoin can make you a lot of money in 2017! Let’s go back to the beginning. In 2009 the electronic cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin (BTC) was created and had been developed 2 years earlier by Satoshi Nakamoto.

DOWNLOAD the Bitcoin Miracle PDF here

What is the Bitcoin Miracle PDF?

The Bitcoin Miracle PDF Ebook shows you a completely different method to earning money with Bitcoins. In fact there is no reason why this couldn’t be adapted across the whole cryptocurrency range including Ethereum (ETH) which has been rumoured to be the next Bitcoin and also rumoured that it could overtake Bitcoin sometime in 2018.

Bitcoin Miracle Guide PDF

Bitcoin Miracle Guide PDF

Early predictions say that the price of Bitcoin could surge towards $6,000 US by the start of 2018 and that Ethereum could surge towards $1,500US by the start of 2018. Given that Ethereum is currently about $230 based on Coinbase prices this is where a lot of money could actually be made for your return on investment.

Prices on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general are based on supply and demand. For instance Bitcoin is going to be limited to 21 million coins. Because of this once all the bitcoins are finally released we could see a huge surge in the price as people become more and more desperate to own a part of history.

The Bitcoin Miracle Guide is a must if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and will show you how because cryptocurrency is not actually backed by something it all comes down to supply and demand. With more and more businesses opening up to the idea of Bitcoin and investing in it themselves I think we could see some pretty decent spikes in the price over the next 12 months.

Bitcoin could also be looked at an alternative to struggling local currencies which could push the price higher.

Before you go and convert your hard earned money to Bitcoin though I suggest you read up more on what it actually is and how the system works. You will also need a digital bitcoin wallet to keep your cryptocurrency safe from hackers etc.

For more on the Bitcoin Miracle Guide click here.

Paypal Booster System Review – Scam

You have seen the ads for this system. Make an extra $90 – $120 a day to your Paypal Account. They show you as a newbie you can use the Paypal Booster Method and with a few minutes of simple work you can make this kind of money every day. So can it be done? Well in theory it can be done, but you are going to have to know a little more about how to get that money deposited into your Paypal Account.
You see the problem with programs such as Paypal Booster is that they don’t always give you the information you require to fully succeed with the product itself. That part is up to you. You will notice multiple Youtube videos showing people logging in and the money in their accounts. This again gives the illusion that anyone can do it. What you need to understand though is that you are going to need traffic and without traffic you aren’t getting anyone to your offer and if you aren’t getting anyone to see your Paypal Booster page well then no one is buying from you or depositing any money into your Paypal account.

I actually make money through Paypal as an Internet Marketer and use products to make me that money. I don’t charge any money for my service, Paypal Booster Professional charge I think at the moment $18? I could be wrong though. In short Paypal Booster is not a scam but to think that you can just set up a page on a free Web 2.0 property page and the money is going to come rolling in is quite the pipedream. You need to understand SEO and how the internet works. There are billions of pages out there but most of them don’t get anywhere near the traffic on a daily basis to make $100 a day even.

If you look below these are some screenshots of money I have made going into my Paypal account. I also work with a company called Clickbank and JVZoo and promote offers. If you are serious about making money online and have either given Paypal Booster a go or are thinking about it, by all means go ahead with that. But I will show you for free how you can make money online with Paypal and get $37 payments over and over again.  Why work as hard just to get $10 when you can make $37 right?

Click here to have a look at my Paypal Money Making system

ref25 special link two price option Ultimate Supertip

Made $37USD Paypal Payment Proof from Ultimate Supertip ref25

Paypal Booster Payment Proof

Harvey Segal shows you how to get $37 Payments directly to your Paypal daily.

Paypal Booster Pro Review

CTR Manipulation : That Number 1 spot on Google

It has been debated for several years now.  Is it possible to manipulate the CTR and get yourself a Number 1 ranking within Google?

While Google has denied that CTR is a popular ranking metric for SEO there have been some case studies  performed in more recent years that would suggest that Google is indeed ranking pages based on their Click-through rate.

It is said that a Number 1 result in Google should be getting at least a 33% CTR and around 40% or higher for a “buy product keyword” specific to a niche market.

Number 1 ranking Google

Above is the Imec Lab CTR Test in Google


Imec Lab conducted a test where they used Twitter users to manipulate the CTR of the keyword IMEC Lab and push it from #7 to #1 in Google.  It took 3 hours to get there.

The Case Studies into CTR manipulation have tested out different scenarios of sending traffic to a domain based on searching for a specific keyword in Google and then finding the website down the list of Google Results and clicking on it.

Some of these case studies were done with small amounts of traffic of say 200-500 clicks and had significant changes in the search engine results.  We all know that it isn’t as simple as being on the “First Page of Google“. For example spots 6-10 on the first page generally don’t get a great deal of traffic unless that specific keyword has 100,000 to a Million searches per month and then just making it to the first page of one of those is pretty much a pipedream without heavy backlinking and other SEO.

Another thing that is worth mentioning on the case study into CTR manipulation is that where CTR bots were used with the help of proxies, proxy scrapers and other software they were as successful changing the results within Google.  Google knows fake traffic and is very good at detecting it.  Afterall their advertising network Adwords which brings Google in a lot of money each year depends on it!

The CTR Manipulation case study also looked at how long you had to spend on a website.  If you click through to the website and then back out straight away then the bounce rate increases for that site and Google figures that if the bounce rate is too high then the content must not be relative to the Title Description that you have seen in the search engine and is just being used as Clickbait.

You can check out your CTR on your websites by installing Google Search Console and looking at the CTR Data for the individual landing pages of each of your sites and also checking the search query data.  Anything with a Google position of 1-4 should be getting a bare minimum of 10% CTR, more for a Top Page Google Ranking. If you aren’t getting that then it is time to change your Titles to make your posts stand out more, keeping in mind that you still keep your Title Description completely relative to your post otherwise you will be penalised by Google.

Google Organic Search Click-Through Rates in 2016

The Google CTR in 2016 has changed a little bit, especially since the introduction of the 2 separate search engine listings for desktop and mobile/tablets.  This was introduced so that the mobile-friendly websites show up first on the mobiles.  If you haven’t optimised your website for mobile traffic you could be missing out on a lot of traffic and business!

With over 3.5 billion searches per day and 50% of those coming from users who are on a tablet or mobile this is so very important to your website.

Also the first 5 Google results on a search query account for over 67% of all CTR.  Longtail with 5 or more words the first result on page one of Google for a query is over 65% alone so you really want your page to be mobile friendly.

Want your website Mobile Friendly? Check out Instabuilder V2.0

Buy InstaBuilder V2.0

Buy WordPress InstaBuilder


Pete’s Betfair Methods Review

Pete’s Betfair Methods Review

FAQ About the Peter Butler Betfair Methods Ebook PDF Download

Question: Does the Peter Butler 50 Per Day Betfair Method come with how to videos as well or just the PDF Ebook?

Answer: Pete provides you with videos showing how to place your bets and identify selections as well as the PDF Ebook. The videos are neatly organised and very easy to follow for a beginner to Betfair.

Pete's Betfair Trading Methods PDFDownload Pete’s Betfair Method PDF by clicking here

Question: Why is Pete’s ₤50 Per Day Betfair System in showing in GBP on the Clickbank MMFORUM payment screen when I am in Australia?

Answer: The reason for this is that the Clickbank Vendor, that is Peter Butler resides in the U.K. Simply select the right currency if it isn’t showing for you in the right hand corner of the Clickbank Payment Screen

Question: How much money can I make with the ₤50 Per Day System?

Answer: We can only base this on past results which indicate a clear ₤15,000 GBP in a year on modest betting with Betfair. This equates to an average weekly earning of ₤288. Using Pete’s Betfair Method and using a progressive staking plan in there on your bankroll you can turn this figure into a lot more. Again though, this is based on past results and although indicates what you can earn potentially in the future there is no guarantee on exact figures.

Question: How much experience does one need to use Pete’s Betfair Method?

Answer: Looking at the videos that Pete provides you with and the well set out PDF Ebook I can tell you that you don’t need anything more than just that. Everything is explained in detail that you are able to easily pick it up. Betfair is a complex betting site but because Peter Butler doesn’t fluff up his videos and Ebook with overhyped garbage you are just presented with the facts making it easy to set up your bets.

Download Pete’s Betfair Method by following the link here

Making Money On Clickbank in 2017

Well we have come to the end of yet another year and it has definitely been a fast year for me but  eventful.  Making Money on Clickbank in 2017 will carry on pretty much the same way it has in 2016  except for a trend I have noticed starting to take place which is why I decided to write this post  today.

Want to Earn money like this online?How to Make Money with Clickbank in 2017

Learn how to Promote Clickbank Products without a website – Click above image

I have noticed over the course of 2016 and mostly the 2nd half of the year that quite a few vendors on  Clickbank especially ones using a Full Clickbank Profit System with quite new products have been reducing the overall sales percentage that  they pay their affiliates.  I am talking of offers in the Make Money Online Niche and Business  Investing Niche that I have taken on and started promoting when they were paying out 50% to the  affiliates only to look at my sales figures the following day and they are only paying out around 25%  and sometimes 30%.

The problem with the vendors of Clickbank doing this is that as an affiliate I put a lot of money into  Lead Capture Pages and PPC advertising whether with Google Adwords or Bing PPC and you finally get a  campaign on track that is profitable and the vendor without any warning goes and changes the average  sale amount per referral.

I think that in 2017, Clickbank really need to look at adopting a system where when you start promoting  a product that all your details are handed over to the vendor so that if they decide to change how much  they would like to pay out they can give you 7 days warning (just a number I put out there) could be  more or less that they are changing the rate they are going to pay out to the Clickbank Affiliates.

The thing for me that both Clickbank and the vendors of Clickbank have both seemed to forget is that  the affiliates have helped build this amazing network and given vendors a chance to sell valuable  products that they were skilled enough to come up with but lacked the marketing and promotion to get  these products out to their audiences on a mass scale.  Without Clickbank Affiliates both Clickbank and  vendors will fail long term especially big ticket items that have had $100’s of thousands of dollars  thrown at them between the software programmers and the Copywriting, the professional videos, hosting,  the list goes on.  With the ever competitive market of affiliate programs out there like PayDotCom and JVZOO and the pretty much instant Paypal payments there are more places than ever for affiliates to go to.

Harvey Segal has a great guide on Clickbank and you should definitely download it for FREE here.  You can even sign up to receive $37 Paypal payments everytime your refer someone that takes part in this part of the ebook.  Don’t believe me? Below is proof of me getting $37 payments directly to my paypal account. The Clickbank Make Money PDF below

ref25 special link two price option Ultimate Supertip

Made $37USD Paypal Payment Proof from Ultimate Supertip ref25


Serial Refunders on Clickbank

Now this one is becoming quite a problem.  Serial Refunders are across any network and it is part of  doing business but the thing is that serial refunders now know how easy it is to get a refund and that  they are pretty much 99% guaranteed to get that refund off Clickbank.

When I talk about serial refunders I am talking about people that buy multiple products across the  Clickbank range, don’t even try them out and a couple days later demand a refund for the multiple  products. Now as a Clickbank Affiliate I personally only ever promote Clickbank Products that I find  hold a lot of value to my subscribers and traffic.  You can not build a brand based on pushing crappy  products to people and expect to stay in business very long.

I had another interesting case with what I would call a serial refunder where they waited the whole 60  days that Clickbank would of given them a refund and instead what I believe they did was then do a  chargeback on their credit card.  Unfortunately Clickbank won’t hand over those details to an affiliate  but I did a little research of my own by looking at the Country Code and State that the refund occurred  and when I did a little digging I remembered this product was promoted as an upsell to a Paypal product  that I sell personally.  And what do you think I found there? This same person who had bought my  product on the same day had issued a chargeback to my Paypal account which I got charged a $20 fee on.   So not only did I lose the initial sale but now I was also $20 out of pocket.

I decided to do a little more digging on this through my Data Analytics software and found the IP  Address.  I typed that IP address into Google and one of the first things that I found in the search  results was a I.P address banned from Home Business Marketing Products, I clicked and had a look and  sure enough same I.P address, same customer name as who had bought through my Paypal Product.  I won’t  name and shame here but I will just say it was from Texas and even the suburb matched up.  There was no  mistake about it, this person was a known serial refunder.  To make matters worse the Paypal email  address she had used was her mothers.  I discovered this after typing in the details into Facebook and  it came up with her mother and her daughter (the one who had actually purchased the product from me)  was listed as a daughter and friend. So she has obviously been banned from using her own account and  has just opened a new one up and linked it to her mothers email address and banking details.

What can be done about Serial Refunders on Clickbank?

Well there isn’t a lot that can be done.  Clickbank have in the defence done as much as they can do  from a legal perspective.  Everyone argues that Clickbank shouldn’t favour the customer and let them  have this 60 day window to refund and even beyond but without it the customer would simply buy it  through either Paypal or the bank credit card and do a chargeback at a later date saying they never  purchased the said product.

Below is a video showing exactly how to get a refund on Clickbank Products by Tom Buck

There is one thing I am finding it hard to understand though is with Clickbank now showing some  products Refund Expiration date as Non-Refundable and yet I still have a refund on one of those  products.  I understand refunds are all part of doing business but this is kind of confusing especially  people new to the Clickbank affiliate program to have it list the refund expiration date and non- refundable and then issue a refund.

Overall though I would say that my experience with Clickbank has been a fairly positive one in 2016 and  I am sure that will continue over into 2017. If we can just work on the main vendor problem where they  can change the sales % without consulting affiliates I think we can make a better program for boths  vendors and affiliates.

ZCODESYS / ZCode System is a top selling Clickbank Product.  If you are trying to promote it, you probably are not going to make much money if you sell at the full price given that nearly everyone looking to purchase ZCode is looking for the discount coupon codes.  Have a search through Bing and Google and see for yourself.  These keywords are getting plenty of searches each month so you know there is a lot of interest in the product itself as well as the Clickbank Gravity.
You will notice that the initial sale $ is not paying anywhere near the amount that the Clickbank Product actually sells for. You will also notice that future $ is quite lucrative.  With the use of Bing ads for the initial payment and then the recurred billing of the ZCode System this can actually be a nice little earner. It is supposed to sell for $197 but a lot of people are currently using the 3.x.zcodesys.hop.clickbank.net. So when you put in your affiliate link where x is marked it looks like the following http://3.benk83.zcodesys.hop.clickbank.net code which takes you straight to the Zcodesys Clickbank sales page and gives you the product for just $149 (a 25% off coupon price without needing a coupon). This 3 is the ZCode System discount number. Look to the top of your screen and it should now look like this http://zcodesystem.com/?hop=benk83

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Harvey Segal shows you how to get $37 Payments directly to your Paypal daily.

Harvey Segal shows you how to get $37 Payments directly to your Paypal daily.

There are several known ways to promote Clickbank Products using Facebook without a website but few people actually know which ones work.

You do have a few options however to start promoting Clickbank. One of these is to start promoting products through Facebook. You may have not heard of this method but basically you first need to sign up for a Clickbank page and also for Facebook if you don’t already have an account.

Next you will need to search for a Clickbank Product that you wish to promote. I suggest moving away from the whole “Make Money Online” niche. Sure you can make a lot of money in this niche but as a newbie I would not suggest it as it is a highly competitive market.

Look for a product that solves a problem like “Dealing with Diabetes”. An example of this would be the Clickbank product “Reverse Type 2 Diabetes”. This is a great product and has plenty of affiliates currently selling with very little refunds. A lot of these affiliates are selling through their own websites via Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing as well as PPC through Google and Bing to name a few. As you can see there is endless ways of promoting these products and with a Clickbank gravity reading currently of 17 and rising there is still time to act and start promoting.

So you have now selected your Clickbank Product to promote. The next thing you want to do is head on over to Facebook and Create a New Page, don’t create a Facebook Group. This is important, you really want to create a New Page. You want to name the Facebook Page something along the lines of the Clickbank Product you are promoting. An example of this would be “How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Diet“.

You then want to make your Facebook Page look presentable with some images etc. A lot of these Clickbank Products have affiliate pages and tools for you to select images from that can be used as Facebook Cover pages and Profile photos.

Once you have set this up and your page is starting to look nice with some colour, you need to head on over to Clickbank and grab your hoplink. If you are not sure of how hoplinks work I suggest downloading the Free Ebook at the bottom of this page to see how Clickbank works in full.

You then want to visit bit.ly and shorten that hoplink. Your shorterned bit.ly text will now need to be inserted into your Facebook URL on your How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Page.

Next you need to start getting Facebook users seeing your links. I suggest posting or linking to some articles relating to your niche “in this case type 2 diabetes”. When you link you also want to provide a link to your bit.ly code in the Facebook Status with something catchy to get them to click through.

Once you have put up a few articles and links you then need to go and find your future customers. I suggest liking a few FB pages relating to your niche. You can search for them using the bar at the top like you were searching for a person. Like a few pages and read through the comments and engage with the people leaving comments on those pages. Make sure you are commenting with relevant comments and leaving valuable information. You do not want to be spamming these people with your links. When you engage and talk to people as people and not as a future sale you will see that you attract them a lot better and they will like your page and check out your information that can help them.

Update June 2016: I have had a lot of people asking me about the Ultimate Supertip and if it still works.  Yes it does. In fact here is a payment I received just this morning.  June 18th at 10:44AM. $37 USD Payment directly to my Paypal Account.

ref25 special link two price option Ultimate Supertip

Made $37USD Paypal Payment Proof from Ultimate Supertip ref25

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$37 Payments direct to your Paypal

$37 Payments direct to your Paypal

I am going to leave you with a few videos below but I also want you to check out the Ebook I have left for you above. This Ebook is FREE and is your chance to take some valuable information on how to start making money with Clickbank without needing the search engines for traffic. There is also an opportunity if you have a PAYPAL account to make $37 payments directly to your PAYPAL account!

You will want to Bookmark this page so that you can come back and watch all the videos if you haven’t got enough time to watch them all now.

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