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Product Name: 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches

Publisher and Email Address: Mike Balmaceda – email: 10daysrkk.support@mikeylightning.com

What is the 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches about?

10 Days To Rapid Kindle Riches from Mike Balmaceda is a course that will teach how to publish an ebook through Kindle in just 10 days.

Is this anything to do with blackhat?
No this course is not blackhat in any way and is a completely legit course that will show you from the first step through to publishing how to publish your first Kindle Ebook.

This was a WSO of the Day on April 4th 2014 so the course has been around for a while and has plenty of satisfied customers.

Nic Oliver – 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches Review

What is Kindle?
Kindle is a series of E-readers that were developed by Amazon.  These e-readers give their users the ability to search through the whole Kindle library and purchase books to read on their e-readers which might interest them.

What do I get as part of my 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches training course?

You will get a very detailed video training course as well as a 53 page PDF manual that you can print out and use as reference.

Right now the only place you can purchase the training course is through the Warrior Forum (No 1 Internet Marketing Forum).

Link to the 10 Days to Rapid Kindle Riches Training Course is below:

What is the price for the training course?
$24.00 which is a one off fee.

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